Hena Sadiq

Audit and Assurance


Hena Sadiq

Cavish Court, A-35, Block 7 & 8, K.C.H.S.U.





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Qualified from A.F.Ferguson & Co in 2002, Hena joined Deloitte Pakistan in 2007 as Manager Engagement Quality Control Review. During her stint with EQCR, she managed to develop, hire and train the entire team to serve all offices of Deloitte Pakistan as key resources in managing risks, maintaining quality and solving contentious issues. In 2015, she was transferred to the Assurance side of the business where she has a varied portfolio ranging from banks, insurance, mutual funds, manufacturing, power sector. She also serves ICAP in various technical committees and conducts training programs for various clients and other professional organizations.  

Hena Sadiq