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Audit Academy

Learn more about the practical aspects of Audit & Assurance in Europe

Rzeszów, Lublin

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Come and get insight into the role of the Audit Delivery Center department! Enrol on our free workshop and find out more about working as an auditor in Deloitte Central Europe Audit Delivery Center in Rzeszów.

About Academy
Audit Academy is organized in the form of interactive workshops within the field of international Audit & Assurance.

This is what you can expect:

  • we will show you how we use our accounting, finance and taxes knowledge in practice; 
  • we will tell you more about the specifics of working in the international Audit & Assurance department;
  • we will show you the added value created by Audit & Assurance for business; 
  • we will challenge common stereotypes related to the work of auditors.

The workshops will be held in English. 

Who is it for?
We invite all third-year students of first-cycle studies and first-year as well second-year students of second-cycle studies, regardless of their major course of study. You are welcome if you want to find out more about international Audit & Assurance and see your future career in Audit & Assurance.

What are the benefits of joining the Academy?

  • Practical knowledge and experience
  • Certificate and interesting data to be included in your CV
  • Prizes
  • Recruitment coaching
  • Networking with Deloitte's team
  • A fast-track recruitment process for paid internship program and for full-time job for outstanding participants. After workshops in Spring 2016 we hired ca. 10 participants to ADC team. Be the next one! 

Program schedule

Audit Academy, summer semester, Rzeszów
12 and 19 April 2017
1st group 10:00 – 13:00
2nd group 15:00 – 18:00

Audit Academy, summer semester, Lublin

11 and 20 April 2017

Recruitment process

  • Send us your CV in English (Your CV will be the basis for analytical test qualification)
  • Take selected analytical tests and the language test online
  • Applicants with the highest scores will be invited to take part in the workshop

Reimbursement of travel expenses 
If you have been invited to take part in the initiatives of the Academy, but you don’t live in Rzeszów or Lublin, we will reimburse your travelling expenses, i.e. the costs of your second-class train/bus ticket based on an e-ticket or a photocopy of a traditional ticket.

Wszystko zależy od Ciebie. Deloitte. I kropka.


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