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Jan Zoller

ADC Business Leader

Jan is a Director in Audit, working for Deloitte since 2002. Jan has graduated at University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia and have been working for Deloitte in Slovakia, UK, USA and Czech Republic. Jan is a certified auditor, chartered accountant and expert on IFRS, Slovak and Czech GAAP. Jan is Deloitte Central Europe Audit Delivery Center Business Leader and also Central Europe Deloitte Audit Deployment Leader.


I am Jan. I like adventure and exploring. The three biggest adventures of my live are MY FAMILY (have 3 kids [all boys] and one more on the way...); OUTDOOR HIKING (love Alaska - grizzly bears are my friends) and working for DELOITTE. In working for Deloitte I love exploring as well. That’s why my current job is to set up and lead the new Deloitte Audit Delivery Center in Rzeszów – our next innovation to Deloitte audit delivery. My excitement for ADC is growing as the 1st June - day “D” is coming and I will have a chance to welcome our new colleagues starting their careers with us in our ADC. I hope I will see you there too!


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