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We offer professional development opportunities for students, graduates and experienced specialists. People and organizational culture make Deloitte preferred place to work. Check careers opportunities in one of four main departments: Audit & Assurance Delivery Center, Risk Operation Center, IT as well as Finance and Accounting.

About us

Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center provides accounting, Audit & Assurance, IT and risk management services to Deloitte member firms located in 18 countries through the following departments:

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The Audit Delivery Center team supports Deloitte Audit & Assurance teams across Europe providing high quality services from a central location. The ADC team helps Deloitte’s auditors perform selected tasks connected with audits of financial statements which include data analyses, statistical sampling for audit, audit confirmations and many other.

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The Finance team provides a wide range of financial services to European countries and Deloitte Clients. We specialise in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash Collection, Expense Report processing as well as General Ledger operations and Fixed Assets. We always strive for efficiency and therefore use modern technologies to support large processes we manage. With the expertise in the accounting and tax issues specific to various European legislations and language competencies our team can serve international clients from a single location.

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Information Technology supports both business applications (such as: SAP, Cognos, CRM, mobile applications etc.) and their users. We also take care of secure and stable performance of network and servers. We use modern platforms and you can have hands on experience with MS SQL Server, Windows 10, Mac OS. We closely cooperate with the project delivery center and are part of many exciting projects.

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The Risk Operations Center specializes in setting up the activities related to client and engagement (project) acceptance for the benefit of all Deloitte Central Europe countries. The Risk team performs a number of activities, such as Know Your Client and Anti-Money-Laundering verification, as well as the Initial Searches and Conflict Check for the purposes of Engagement Teams working directly with the Clients. The aim of the team is to standardize risk procedures, businesses and service lines, in order to unify and accelerate the timing of the internal risk processes.

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Why join us?

10 reasons why you should start your career at DCE BSC:

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It is a great place to start your career.

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Experienced professionals may improve their skills and increasing their knowledge in the field of Audit & Assurance, IT, risk management and financial services.

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You will work in Skyres – the most modern A-class office in heart of Rzeszów. 

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We offer stability – employment contract from first day of work. 

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Aside from financial compensation we have additional benefits for employees: Multisport card, private medical insurance, free languages classes. 

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We can offer you continuous development through our Deloitte Learning curriculum, e-learning modules and training programs.

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We are part of a team delivering professional services.

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Deloitte is a part of Big Four.

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We are an international organization.

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At Deloitte, your career is in your hands.

Who are we looking for?

Join our team of professionals!

Join Deloitte Central Europe Business Services Center in Rzeszów if you:

...have a conversational level of English

...are a business, technical, economic or liberal arts Graduate

...are able to work in a team

...are solution-oriented and logical thinking is your asset

...are focused on your professional development, interested in working in an international Environment

...have a good command of languages spoken in Central and Eastern Europe. This is not a requirement, however, it will work to your advantage!

It is your time to apply!

Recruitment process

Step 1

CV selection

Step 2

(numerical, verbal, language)

Step 3

with HR

Step 4

with Team Leader

Step 5


Interview Tips

  1. Do your homework.
    We will truly appreciate if you dedicate your time to finding out who we are and what we do. This will help you decide whether you want to join Deloitte or not, in addition to making you better prepared for the interview and less nervous.
  2. First impressions matter.
    Make sure that the way you are dressed is appropriate for the occasion and makes you feel comfortable. According to the latest trends, a more casual outfit is allowed but there are situations where a formal dress code is still recommended. Remember, the way you present yourself will also tell us who you are. Your handshake should be firm. And don't forget about the eye contact. Don't get distracted even if you do not fully agree with what you hear – the interviewer will notice.
  3. Be confident.
    Keep calm – this is what drives the business world today. You can demonstrate this during your interview and show that you can handle stressful situations. Don't get nervous but remember that the interview is important. Stay focused and don't exaggerate by being too relaxed. Be professional and polite. Good communication is key to success. It's best to be yourself and behave naturally.
  4. Ask questions.
    If you want to learn more about Deloitte, just ask. This way you will show that you are interested. Your questions will also be a sign that you have done your homework and got prepared for the interview. Before the meeting, make a list of questions that you would like to ask to the interviewer.
  5. Sell yourself.
    Your know-how and skills will open doors to your success. Tell us about your experience and accomplishments at work and college. Discuss them with confidence – it is something we want to hear to learn more about you. Give examples. We will be looking carefully at your potential and career so feel free to tells us about your past experience and achievements.
  6. Make sure that everything is clear to you.
    If there is something you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask us to repeat the question. This will help you find the right answer and gain an understanding of what we are searching for.

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