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Tomasz Ustrobiński

ADC Operations Manager

Tomasz is the Audit Delivery Center Operations Manager. He joined Deloitte on 1 September 2016 after having worked for 10 years in finance departments at a leading aerospace industry company, including 5 years in internal audit, where he was responsible for financial and operational compliance and risk management in entities worldwide. He is an experienced financial services professional with the qualifications of chartered certified accountant (ACCA) and certified internal auditor (CIA).


I’m Tomek. I was born, raised and lived in Rzeszów for most of my life. I am delighted to join Deloitte which is a global leading professional services firm, a top-class international company opening its operations in our city and creating massive opportunities in the region - both for finance, IT and other professionals as well as for all enthusiastic greenhorns who are just about to start their careers.

My passion is audit (it is! really!). Thanks to being part of this profession I have an opportunity to continuously learn new things, widen my knowledge, understand various processes and meet many interesting people. Through my earlier internal audit career/experience I was able to visit fantastic places around the world and meet unique people some of which have become my great colleagues for life. It keeps me young at heart too!

My other passion is music - as a listener and fan of great sound quality but also as a player, as it’s the guitar which used to be my biggest love – of course only until I met my wife and became a father of two sons ;)

I’ll be more than happy if after reading this you become interested in joining our department.

Come and join us! Looking forward to meeting you in ADC!


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