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How we can help Chinese investors in Poland

Deloitte Chinese Desk in Poland

Deloitte CE Chinese Services Group (CSG) coordinates cooperation between subsidiaries of Deloitte LLP and the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited member firm in China to assist Chinese companies investing and operating in Central Europe.

Whether contemplating market entry, expanding operations, raising capital and/or engaging in M&A or optimization of existing operations, the CSG, in collaboration with the member firm in China, can help Chinese companies implement cross-border investment strategies and navigate the associated risks. Our national network of bilingual professionals works closely with colleagues in China to deliver top – quality services to globalizing Chinese companies.

Whether Chinese companies are entering the CE market for the first time or seeking to optimize existing operations, the CSG can help identify an expanding range of opportunities to manufacture, source, and/or sell in China and navigate the associated risks.

Multidisciplinary service lines include:

  • Market Entry / Business Optimization
  • Effective Global Supply Chain – Tax-Aligned Supply Chain
  • Corporate Finance / M&A
  • Legal Advisory

Simply put, the CSG network positions its practitioners in the local market to provide clients with top – quality services related to conducting business in China.

Starting with just a few members several years ago, the CSG has grown to include coverage in over 100 locations around the world spanning six continents, with other member firms likely to join in the near future. As our clients from Johannesburg to Vancouver continue to realise the importance of a solid China strategy, the placement of our network becomes even more critical.

Chinese Service Group (in Chinese only)

Global Network of Chinese Desk at Deloitte

With around 500 professionals covering more than 150 countries around the world, Deloitte Global Chinese Services Group (CSG) is one of the largest and strongest professional networks specifically focusing on China market and Chinese clients. Our multidisciplinary teams focus on clients operating in various industries. We take pride in our ability to provide quality services in the functions of audit, tax & legal, financial advisory and consulting around the world.

Operating as a platform to leverage China expertise, bridge the cultural gap, and to ensure client service excellence, the Global CSG, in coordination with Deloitte China, complements a multi-member firm, multi-industry, multifunctional and multi-disciplinary approach.