Fiscal Representative & Polish VAT Compliance

VAT registration and Fiscal Representation in Poland for Chinese investors (in English and Chinese)

Starting business in Poland may create different opportunities but requires also coping with local tax environment. This may be difficult for the entrepreneurs from outside EU countries, where tax system is not unified with EU Tax Directives.

Very often cooperation with business partners established in Poland may lead to certain tax obligations for a foreign entity. For instance, although a foreign company does not have any permanent or even temporary resources in Poland, it may be obliged to register for VAT in Poland to settle VAT.

Entering into a chain supply structure where the goods are supplied directly from the first party in the chain (e.g. in China) to the last one or providing goods to the consignment stock located in Poland may create such tax obligation or the participant of this transaction scheme.

Fiscal Representative & Polish VAT Compliance (in English and Chinese)
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