Real Estate Advisory services

Real Estate in 3D

Our 3 dimension approach is offered not only for the special big deals, but also in daily, real estate consultations for our Clients.

At Deloitte we always analyse the real estate issues from at least 3 perspectives:

  • Property Commercial Potential
  • Our Clients’ Needs
  • Market Opportunities

Deloitte Real Estate Team stretches from valuation through commercial and financial due-diligence to investment and transaction advisory. Thanks to close cooperation between Deloitte experts from various service lines our team of specialists offer a broad understanding of various property related aspects, such as finance, tax, accounting or legal, assuring that the investor receives the most comprehensive advice supporting the decision process.
Leveraging on our experience and knowledge we can provide property owners with an on-going advice regardless it covers single property, real estate portfolio or dedicated SPV. We are here to support our Clients during the whole life cycle of their properties starting from the rational acquisition, throughout efficient operation aiming at profitable disposal.

Our services

Valuation and property performance

  • Property and tangible assets valuation for investment, financial reporting and other purposes;
  • Value estimation for purchase price allocation
  • Valuation support for legal disputes;
  • Review of valuation reports prepared for financial, investment or collateral purposes;
  • Property operational audit including identification of key areas for improvement.


Transaction advisory, due diligence and financial review

  • Financial due-diligence;
  • Vendor due-diligence;
  • Net operating income calculation for transaction purpose;
  • Commercial due-diligence;
  • SPA advisory;
  • Service Charge reconciliation review;
  • Independent Business Reviews.


Holding and financial strategy, investment advisory

  • Assessment of investment strategies;
  • Assessment of existing financing structure;
  • Assistance in debt negotiations;
  • Analysis of optimal disposal strategy and timing;
  • Advisory in all type of property transactions, asset and share deals, fund structuring;
  • Assistance in negotiations of sale and purchase transactions;
  • J-V structures concepts.

Financial due diligence - Cash in Cash out

Considering real estate investment project? The effective rents, yields, shortfalls but what about the final return and related cash flows for the company and its owners?

Deloitte Real Estate team provides professional transaction services supporting both buyers and sellers.

Our expertise allows us for identification of:

  •  significant financial risks;
  • value items, especially the ones undisclosed in a commercial analysis but reflected in the accounting history with impact on property value / agreed purchase price;
  • other financial matters crucial for reasonable acquisition decision.

Our finance expertise combined with the in-depth real estate sectors knowledge enables for extensive up-to-date analysis of property performance that determines future cash flows for the investors.

Our team provides transaction services to both corporate and private equity real estate clients.

Our services range from financial due diligence on companies owning a single property to complex portfolio transaction support depending on a Client needs or other requirements i.e. regulatory.

Areas of Real Estate Financial Due Diligence

  • Transaction due diligence (share or asset deal) including i.e. net operating income calculation/ verification, property non-rechargeable costs’ identification and owner costs’ analysis;
  • General due diligence (controlling procedures, presale verification, establishment or seizure of collateral);
  • Tenant due diligence (based on publicly available data);
  • Seller due diligence (based on publicly available data, securing future claims under Sale and Purchase Agreement);
  • Sale and Purchase agreement advisory;
  • Purchase price mechanism review;
  • Flow of funds review;
  • Evaluation of existing financing structure;
  • Refinancing support services.

Why Deloitte?

  • Acting as part of the Deloitte’s RE cross service line team, we are a group of experienced advisors dedicating 100% of our time to Clients from Real Estate and Construction Sector;
  • Our financial advice is always tailored to fit into the commercial, tax and legal requirements;
  • With our RE Clients we have successfully completed dozens of major transactions in various RE sectors.


Tomasz Ochrymowicz

Tomasz Ochrymowicz

Partner, Financial Advisory

Tomasz has over 18 years of transaction experience in valuation and financial modelling gained throughout numerous engagements across Central and Eastern Europe. Although Tomasz focuses primarily on t... More