Mergers & acquisitions

More than expert finance knowledge

Our work encompasses buy- and sell-side advisory mandates for the most prestigious corporates and private equity houses, as well as for SMEs.

We are as committed to the local business, as wide open for key international, value-creating international deals.

Our specialist teams will lead or support on transactions which require specific advice including:

  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • disposals/divestments;
  • management buy-outs;
  • buy-ins, fundraisings;
  • capital markets (debt and equity);
  • valuation and business modelling;
  • data analytics;
  • treasury;
  • economic consulting;
  • public sector advice;
  • stategic reviews.

Sell-side advisory – maximisation of our Client’s chances of success

We have a strong reputation in the Polish market for providing outstanding disposal advice, by leveraging our extensive network to find the right buyer, the optimal funding solution and industry insight. As independent advisers, we assist our selling Client in avoiding pitfalls and enhancing the chances of success. We offer comprehensive services of transaction management, including:

  • market analyses – incl. capitalisation upon Deloitte’s cross-department knowledge;
  • formulation of sale/exit strategies;
  • financial and tax planning of transactions;
  • selection (long- and short-listing) of potential industry and/or financial acquirers;
  • contacts with senior decision-makers at selected corporates and private equity houses;
  • creation of competitive environment for investors;
  • support in business plan designing or optimisation;
  • financial modelling and valuation for the Client’s internal purposes;
  • transaction management;
  • project management of bidding processes;
  • data-room management;
  • coordination of due diligence;
  • drafting transaction documentation;
  • representation of the Client in negotiations with potential acquirers and their advisers;
  • support in closings (incl. liasing with regulators);
  • post-sale completion advice.

Buy-side advisory – absolute focus on the Client’s success

Our industry knowledge, transaction structuring capabilities and relationships with funders, industry experts and market participants allow us to provide outstanding advice to public and private companies, as well as to management teams. Our task is to increase the chances of our Client’s success in his investment endeavour. After identifying potential targets, we help our Clients through:

  • long- and short-listing of potential targets;
  • pinpointing the most auspicious investment opportunity/opportunities;
  • formulation of acquisition and merger strategies;
  • financial and tax planning of transactions;
  • establishing contacts with owners of potential targets;
  • valuation – incl. preliminary valuation, financial modelling, model reviews;
  • transaction management;
  • organising early-stage informal meetings to gauge preliminary interest;
  • assistance in fine-tuning of scope of work;
  • performing of due diligence;
  • support in hiring experts to execute in-depth technical analysis;
  • support in data room organisation through liasing with the seller and the seller’s advisors for process optimisation;
  • proposal submission – if possible, using our connections at the highest level;
  • design of negotiation tactics, negotiation and support in the bidding process;
  • contacts with regulators;
  • drawing up the transaction documentation;
  • timely, controlled process finalisation;
  • post-acquisition completion advice.