Deloitte will manage software licenses for PGNIG

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Deloitte will manage software licenses for PGNIG

By joining the IASP (IBM Authorized SAM Partner) program organizations are in a better position to manage their IBM software more effectively.

Warsaw, 3 September 2020

PGNiG and Deloitte have joined forces and made the first-ever IASP contract in Poland. As an authorized IBM partner, Deloitte will assume responsibility for managing PGNiG’s software licenses.

Deloitte experts will also certify periodic reports for the software vendor. The innovative IBM Authorized SAM Partner program offered by Deloitte enables organizations to optimize their use of software to the maximum extent, while adhering to the license terms and conditions.

PGNiG’s choice proves that Deloitte’s service is both distinctive and innovative. For many years, we have been navigating our clients through the process of pro-active software asset management. Therefore, we are particularly pleased to see that such a renowned company as Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo has decided to expand the scope of our SAM cooperation and become the first-ever Polish client to use Deloitte’s IASP services and capabilities

– says Mariusz Ustyjańczuk, Partner, Risk Advisory Leader in Poland.

Deloitte’s professionals deliver a wide spectrum of services aligned with the Extended Enterprise approach, from analysis and assessment of the organization’s SAM process maturity, through implementation and maintenance of dedicated tools, to training in each software vendor’s license terms and conditions.

The consultancy will be responsible for preparation of a baseline report for IBM software used by PGNiG, in addition to identifying opportunities for license optimization. The planned duration of the project is eighteen months. At that time, ILMT (IBM License Metric Tool) reports will regularly be prepared, certified and submitted by PGNiG to IBM.

Such an approach translates into a number of tangible benefits which will improve the organization’s operational efficiency. On the one hand, it will help optimize the use of IT resources, for instance by uninstalling unused products and bringing the machine capacity into line with the actual needs of the Client. On the other, it will facilitate prompt identification of software under- or over-deployment. Consequently, the organization will be capable of maintaining its software license compliance, in addition to reducing the costs of new, potentially excessive licenses.

PGNiG is one of the forerunners in pro-active software asset management in the region, realizing tangible benefits of such an approach, which has been confirmed by its joining the IASP program as the first-ever organization in Poland. By building a relationship with the software vendor based on cooperation and partnership we are taking our SAM function to the next maturity level. Engagement of a consultancy to provide software asset management services means that we may focus our efforts on PGNiG’s business activity, continuously raising the quality of IT services

– says Tomasz Wójcik, IT Department Head, PGNiG.

Outsourcing a narrow, highly-specialized function which generates considerable costs may herald a long-term change in organizations’ approach to software license compliance monitoring. It would denote a discernible shift from traditional, periodic software licensing audits towards ongoing cooperation with an authorized expert in this field.

I am convinced that in the future further organizations will follow and, just like PGNIG, begin to perceive their business operations in terms of the extended enterprise. Adoption of adequate third-party and risk management methods across the company’s ecosystem is simply extremely beneficial

– adds Mariusz Ustyjańczuk.

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