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uselab team joins Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital strengthens its expertise in the area of Experience Strategy & Design

Warsaw, 30 June 2016

the team at uselab – a pioneer and leader of User Experience and Customer Experience design on the Polish market and one of the most experienced strategy and design companies in the region – has joined Deloitte Digital. The combination of the scale and global insights of the Deloitte Digital network with the expertise and innovativeness of uselab will make it possible to offer comprehensive Experience Strategy & Design solutions to clients. New services will be offered in Central Europe under the Deloitte Digital CE brand.

Experience design, understood as the comprehensive definition of product and service user experience, has become a key challenge for higher executives and managers responsible for strategies and innovation design in enterprises. Detailed design of unique cross-channel experience across all touchpoints with the company to provide the best user experience requires a perfect mix of knowledge and competence of interdisciplinary teams consisting of strategists, UX designers, service designers, graphic designers, research analysts and technologists.

Deloitte Digital has been joined by almost twenty top-class Experience Strategy & Design consultants. We are now able to provide our clients with comprehensive and complementary digital transformation services that were not available in Poland or Central Europe before. Our ambition is to carry out innovative projects and design world class solutions, and the expert skillsets we have gained through the transaction will bring us closer to this goal,” says Zbigniew Szczerbetka, CE Consulting Deloitte and Deloitte Digital CE, Managing Partner.

uselab was founded in 2007, as one of the first Polish companies specializing in User Experience and Service Design. It implements Experience Strategy & Design approach in organizations by designing services and products.

Our goal is to ensure that digital products and services are up to people’s expectations and are user-friendly. At the same time, we make efforts to help companies realize how important these issues are from the perspective of creating business value. A well-designed service translates into higher sales, greater client satisfaction, and - by implication – client loyalty with a simultaneous reduction of client management costs. Experience Strategy is an indispensable element of digital transformation and a bargaining power, especially in industries where product offers tend to be similar and the user experience is of key importance - e.g. selecting a bank, an insurer or a telecom operator. We have recently noticed growing awareness among Polish clients, companies and designers. In many industries Poland is holding up really well. Our experience is recognized by global corporations and some of our solutions are considered model examples for others - following tests in Poland, they are often implemented on other markets,” says Wiesław Kotecki, Vicepresident of uselab, currently Director at Deloitte Digital.

uselab focuses on electronic channels and digital solutions ergonomics as well as the analysis and design of unique cross-channel experience across all touchpoints with the company. Its experts have conducted over 350 projects in 25 countries. For years they have been building the UX community in the region, by holding one of the largest European experience design conferences – UX Poland. Five years ago, in cooperation with SWPS University the company launched its own post-graduate studies in User Experience Design, thus contributing to the education of the market and increasing the awareness of Experience Design.

uselab’s main asset is its unique combination of psychological knowledge, scientific approach, business, innovation and technology insights, as well as vast project experience, especially in the financial services industry. The company has cooperated with e.g. PKO Bank Polski, mBank, Millenium Bank, Citibank, BGŻ BNP Paribas, Mastercard, VISA, AXA, Aviva, Allianz, GPW, NOKIA, Blackberry, T-Mobile, Plus, Play, HBO, nc+, and Microsoft. Their latest mobile banking solutions carried out for ING and Asseco were presented during this year’s Finovate Europe in London, the most important conference devoted to innovation in finance.

Joining Deloitte Digital, the uselab team will function as a service line and center of excellence specializing in Experience Strategy & Design led by its current executives Hubert Anyżewski and Wiesław Kotecki, who will become Directors responsible for developing this area in Central Europe.

Joining Deloitte enables us to find best synergies for our experience and competencies. With Deloitte Digital we are sure to increase the scale and scope of our operations in Poland and in the region. We will also be able to support our clients in the process of digital transformation, where cross-channel experience design is one of the key elements. We are proud that our expertise and achievements have been noticed and recognized by Deloitte, and we consider it a great value to become a part of a global organization with innovation culture and access to world-wide pools of knowledge and experience. We have taken on responsibility for the creation and management of the Experience Strategy & Design line within Deloitte Digital and we see it as a challenge and an opportunity to participate in the most innovative projects conducted at Deloitte” – adds Hubert Anyżewski, President of uselab, currently Director at Deloitte Digital.

Deloitte does not exclude the possibility of making further investments to expand the company’s know-how and services portfolio.

We consistently develop our team to keep up with the dynamics of our client’s expectations and the increasing number of projects. We keep investing in people and firms which add competencies that are widely sought out in the market. This strategy allows us to meet the most complex needs for digital services. We are often able to inspire our clients to implement changes that will drive new developments and build their position on the market,” - adds Zbigniew Szczerbetka. „Naturally, our growth strategy is not limited to acquisitions - they only act as a catalyst that kick-starts change and efforts to gain new skills. Our development still primarily relies on intense organic growth. Today, thanks to carefully selected acquisitions and individual talent recruitments that enhance our strategic and technological strengths, we can offer our clients, both in Poland and abroad, an increasingly broad range of services. Our investment plan includes further reinforcement of competencies across the full digital spectrum and of our footprint in Central Europe and beyond” - sums up Zbigniew Szczerbetka.

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