Report: Polish Construction Companies 2013

Key Players, Prospects for Development and Diversification

Analysis and development prospects of Polish construction companies.

We have the pleasure to present the second edition of our report: “Polish Construction Companies 2013 – Key Players, Prospects for Development and Diversification” analysing the condition of 15 largest construction companies operating on the Polish market, based on their 2013 revenue. In our report we also present the development prospects and possibilities for potential diversification of construction companies’ business activity.

Changes observed in the construction market in years 2012/2013

2013 was another challenging year for the construction industry in Poland. The total revenue of 15 largest companies fell by PLN 6.7 billion, i.e. by 19.7% compared to the revenue earned in 2012. However, unlike in the previous year, despite a sharp drop in revenues, the operating and net profits of construction companies were much healthier. As a result of the gradually improving financial position, capitalisation of the construction companies listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange and included in our ranking went up as much as 58% compared to the previous year.

Building construction investments will be driven by the European Union and Public-Private Partnership

Even though many investments have already been completed, there is still a serious shortage of infrastructure in Poland. In consequence, there are strong chances that the construction industry is bound maintain its fast pace of development within the nearest years. A lot of new construction projects have begun or are currently being tendered. However, most of the crucial investments are only in the planning stage. The most likely investments in the 2014-2020 budget will be road, railway and energy sector construction projects.

PPP investments have been popular in the whole of Europe for a long time. The growing popularity of the PPP arrangements can stimulate development of the Polish construction industry. Nonetheless, in order to achieve that, the PPP solutions need to be improved, which includes drawing up a consistent national policy and developing models for PPP project implementation.

Our “Polish Construction Companies 2013 – Key Players, Prospects for Development and Diversification” report

The first part of our report contains a financial analysis of building construction companies in Poland, with a special focus on 15 entities that have managed to build the strongest positions in the market. We analyse their revenues, operating margins, net profits, debt, geographic and revenue structure. This section of our report has been prepared based on financial statements.

The second section comprises a high-level analysis of the prospects for the industry’s short-term and long-term development, and discussion of the possible directions for diversification of construction companies, in particular the Public-Private Partnership.

Finally, we briefly examine the characteristics of the business activity pursued by 15 most important market players in 2013. We include the most crucial information concerning the scopes of their activities, ownership structures and detailed financial data derived from their annual financial statements.

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