Dołącz do IASP i zapomnij o ILMT


Join IASP and forget ILMT – from now on Snow, Aspera and ServiceNow may replace ILMT in each organization which participates in IASP

IBM clients joining the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP) initiative may realize a number of tangible benefits. Participation in the program helps ensure software license compliance in a formula that brings an end to software licensing audits. The preferential terms, including sub-capacity licensing, apply as long as the client is covered by IASP and cooperates with a selected authorized IASP partner, such as Deloitte.

One of the key elements of the IASP service is implementation and maintenance of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT). As an alternative, thus far the program participants could have used HCL BigFix and Flexera upon consultation with IBM. However, out of concern for clients with Snow Software, Aspera or ServiceNow already deployed in their organizations, IBM has now decided to accept these tools as an alternative to ILMT, with retention of the right to sub-capacity licensing. In order for them to be accepted, an authorized partner has to confirm that data reported with the use of such tools are both complete and correct.

This change will allow IASP participants to use the four top-rated SAM tools from Gartner’s list (Magic Quadrant for SAM Tools – access requires subscription).

Acceptance of alternative SAM tools for sub-capacity reporting purposes is an important step forward in the development of IASP. IBM’s decision has increased the interest in the IASP service among IBM clients all over the world. Waiving the requirement to maintain ILMT to enable the use of tools which have already been implemented within the organization makes software asset management both simpler and more effective. We believe that this information will be received with enthusiasm and are looking forward to further development of SAM managed services, which will enable us to provide even more comprehensive support to IASP clients globally.

Should you be interested in joining IASP and learn more about this program, please contact Maciej Kożuszek at

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