Salesforce Essentials in Warsaw


Salesforce Essentials 2017 in Warsaw

Report from the event

How to grow your business successfully using Salesforce tools? How to solve business issues in an innovative way? Answers to these and a number of other questions were provided by representatives of the Deloitte Digital Salesforce Team at the Salesforce Essentials in Warsaw.

Salesforce Essentials in Warsaw

During this year’s edition, Deloitte Digital was the Emerald Partner, i.e. the main sponsor of the conference. Held annually, the event is attended by the best and largest Salesforce implementation partners. It is organized in numerous cities across Europe, to include Madrid, Stockholm, Munich or Warsaw. The agenda includes speeches and workshop sessions dedicated to innovative business solutions that may be achieved through the implementation of Salesforce. Salesforce Essential gave us a chance to discuss a host of interesting topics with both existing and prospective clients.

How to overcome digital barriers?

We also took the opportunity to present our firm on the Keynote Stage. Jan Michalski, Salesforce CE Leader, discussed the activities that we engage in as Deloitte Digital. He emphasized that digital barriers can only be overcome by leaders with a vision, who are capable of combining strategic, long-term thinking with day-to-day initiatives. He also reported the findings of The 2016 Digital Business Study conducted by Deloitte Digital in partnership with MIT, which revealed that as many as 70% of organizations are only about to undergo the digital revolution. However, 44% of them do not feel that they are properly prepared for that experience. Time for implementation is running out – not only because of the expectations of their clients but also because of their own staff, who openly admit that they want to work for the digital leaders and are ready to quit if their employees do not invest in digital growth.

The presentation was given together with Sebastian Szałachowski and Kornelia Kordala, Perfect Gym, who work in liaison with Deloitte Digital and the Salesforce Team. They shared their experiences in overcoming digital barriers and talked about how it had made them successful.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Another Keynote Stage speaker was Paulina Kiedrowicz, Salesforce Consultant, who discussed the practical benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a marketing automation system, together with Michał Rusinowski from Salesforce. Her 45-minute speech included a brief presentation of the system in the context of building a mix of communication channels and developing a 360-degree customer view strategy.

We would like to thank you for your valuable insights offered during Salesforce Essentials in Warsaw. We hope that the topics discussed at the event have helped to spark your interest in Salesforce.


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