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Economic Analyses

Supporting firms, industries and administration

Comprehensive analyses of the economic, social and environmental impact of firms and industries on their surrounding and understanding the impact of regulations on the economy and households are the key to making informed business and regulatory decisions.

Our approach:

The complexity and rapidity of changes in the economy compel companies, business organisations and administrative bodies to adopt increasingly advanced planning methods based on analyses and proven indicators.

Thorough analyses of the economic, social and environmental impact and the understanding of the impact of regulations on one’s own business, industry or the entire economy are the key to sustained economic growth — taking informed business decisions or political measures.

Participating in worldwide initiatives of the global community is a great value and therefore we suggest that the UN’s goals be incorporated in the company’s strategy and administration’s policy. To this end we have developed Social Economic and Environmental Development Script (SEEDS), a unique method which enables efficient and effective incorporation of the global focus into the strategies and policies of firms and administration.

We provide comprehensive services starting from the assessment of the challenge to the application of developed contents: diagnoses, analyses and research, advice regarding internal and external communication, visualisation and online presentations.

Effective communication is the key to success. We make sure that the scope of our projects makes them as useful as possible and therefore, already at the planning stage we consider where, how and what to communicate.

When can we help?

About us:

We combine skills in economic, social and environmental research and analyses with public administration experience. With such combination of expertise, skills and understanding of the unique characteristics of the private and public sectors we have been able to deliver advisory projects aimed at defining and measuring impact, and independent reports on the impact of regulations on firms, trade associations and public administration.

Project examples:

Role of the industry in the economy 

The role of trade associations or special interest groups is to represent their members in public debate, enhance one’s persuasive powers through cooperation, i.e. follow the evidence based policy. 

Our team can provide you with appropriate support and help you emphasise your presence in the economy and the society. We will provide you with the debate basis derived from independent research and analyses that will be tailored to the needs of various stakeholders. We will also offer advice how to effectively present one’s points and manage the brand image.

Impact of the company

Every firm makes an important contribution to the growth of the economy, however, it is not always appropriately presented. Independent presentation of the scale of your impact (direct, indirect and induced) may be used in the debate of significant regulations, development of business strategy or as the basis of marketing initiatives.

We will help you determine the impact and use the results of the analysis in line with the current needs. We will show you how to communicate the impact to key stakeholders.

Impact of large investment projects

Irrespective of the range and type of investment projects, taking the investment decision is risky and requires appropriate justification. Decisions taken in connection with large business projects as well as their consequences draw the attention of the public, owners and investors.

In order to demonstrate the success of the undertaking or the range and intricate effects of large projects, we suggest that a summary report is compiled. A transparent report presents the reasons for an investment project, how the project was implemented and its effects (both those which have been achieved and those which are expected). It also displays impact in the broad sense — depending on the type of project, this may be the economic, social or environmental impact.

The impact of social and economic phenomena and global trends

In today’s world where changes are becoming increasingly frequent, there are many new phenomena which are independent of the decisions of companies or individual governments. These megatrends and independent social and economic processes have already been affecting firms, industries and the economy as a whole and their impact will only get stronger.

We can support you in the assessment of the effects of these phenomena, determination of necessary measures (also regulatory ones) and adaptation of the right business strategy and selection of relevant indicators which form the Social Progress Index.

Measures to be taken in regulatory changes

The regulatory environment in the Polish economy is highly complex whereas implementing positive changes — difficult and often time-consuming. Taking an effective initiative to change regulations requires a very solid professional basis, especially in terms of the possible impact on the state budget income.

In order to discuss changes effectively, one needs to use the right arguments. We can help you achieve this by drafting a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) — a comprehensive analysis of the impact of legislation changes on the economy, public finance, administration and the society which is required in the legislation process.

In order for RIA to be effective, it must be drafted using the right language and be well communicated to the public. Our Deloitte EU Policy Centre team and the public communication team are experienced in taking measures which make the key persons involved.


Julia Patorska

Julia Patorska

Partner Associate

Julia has extensive knowledge of the public sector, financing public investments and is an expert on various economic phenomena. She advises on forecasting the impact of planned regulations and change... More