Deposit-Refund System


Deposit-Refund System

Facts and myths

April 2019

The concept of a deposit-refund system (DRS) raises lots of doubts, and it has supporters and opponents. Considering the complex subject matter of introducing the deposit-refund system, we would like to refer to a few key related facts and myths.

The brochure is the continuation of the active presence of Deloitte in the field of packaging waste management, both in Poland and abroad. The experience of countries that have implemented the deposit-refund system shows that they can offer a wide range of advantages including an increase in the level of recycled packaging waste, raw material improvement or promote a pro-environmental social awareness. At the same time, this idea raises serious doubts and there are no countries finding it easy to decide whether to introduce it.

The implementation of an effective deposit-refund system is a complex process. There are lots of questions related to the introduction of the system, regarding its shape, costs, rules of functioning, and the impact on the existing system.

Deposit-Refund System (DRS)
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