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October 2019

Leaders accountable for the technological area in organizations more and more often become business partners, with technology serving as a tool supporting company’s development. In Poland as many as 25% of such leaders are said to be a digital vanguard, with a precise digital development vision and strategy. Other departments perceive the IT function as a market leader in systems of the new generation.

The above data are from the last year’s CIO Survey. Is this still the case? We are hoping that you will help us find an answer to this question by taking parting in the survey.

Nowadays technology redefines the future and turns every company into a technological enterprise. As a result, many new functions start to emerge in companies with the aim of making a company a digital organization. In this way new experts join in, reinforcing the existing group of CIOs (Chief Information Officers), CTOs (Chief Technology and Transformation Officers), CDOs (Chief Digitization Officers) and CDtOs (Chief Data Officers). All those persons are accountable for the company’s digital transformation. Such process can’t be performed without the support of the most important persons in the company, and thus the challenges posed by a digital change need to be well-understood by the CEO, board members and the C-suite (CFO, COO, CMO, CLO or CAO).

Take part in the Global Technology Leadership Survey

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This year we have decided to extend the scope of the Global Technology Leadership Survey 2020, formerly known as the CIO Survey, by inviting all the leaders responsible for  technology in companies, as well as representatives of strategic and managerial functions to share their outlook.

The purpose of the survey is to find out to what extent companies are ready to transform, what their level of preparedness is, where they see themselves in 3 years, what direction they wish to head in and which strategic goals they find most important - innovation, growth, customer-centric approach or maybe talent development or cost reduction.

Take a look at our reports from previous years:

Your help here is indispensable. Therefore, we are encouraging you to take part in our Global Technology Leadership Survey 2020. We would like to outline the maturity level of this issue on the Polish market. Thanks to your insights and engagement in completing the survey not only will we be able to create a global image of an organization, but also analyze the position of Poland against a background of worldwide companies, provided that a representative number of answers is reached.

The report is to be published in June. As survey participants you will be the first to receive the report. Filling in the survey may take up to 30 minutes. Your answers will remain confidential as the report will include aggregated results only.

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