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Cost & Revenue Recovery

Extended Enterprise Capabilities

No company is an island. The ecosystem of a modern organization comprises hundreds of third parties with which the company does business, including customers, partners, agents, affiliates, vendors, and service providers. Taken together, these third parties constitute what we have termed “the extended enterprise.”

Cost & Revenue Recovery (CRR)

We verify whether the agreed contractual terms are adhered to by the business partners of our clients. For revenues, this means obtaining an assurance that the organization generates revenues (such as royalties, license fees, share of revenues or profits) at the level to which it is entitled. For costs, we assess whether costs of third-party services are charged as appropriate, in addition to verifying whether the applicable product and service quality requirements are met. With an in-depth understanding of the nature of various ecosystems, we execute challenging business projects which involve at least three parties. Drawing on our extensive experience in this field, we help strengthen the organization’s relationships with its business partners.

Our CRR professionals also support clients in verifying their compliance with the terms and conditions of contracts with third parties and licensors, in addition to formulating recommendations aimed to eliminate any gaps and deficiencies from the existing processes and controls.

We have cross-industry experience, covering any types of third-party relationships – from vendors and licensors, through advertising agencies, to licensees and suppliers of materials.

How can we help?

  • Business partner review in terms of compliance with contractual obligations (for both costs and revenues).
  • Design of processes ensuring effective third-party compliance monitoring.
  • Managed cost & revenue recovery.
Cost & Revenue Recovery (CRR) - Extended Enterprise


Bartosz Zając

Bartosz Zając

Partner Associate | Extended Enterprise

Bartosz from over a decade advises clients in the field of third-party management. As a Partner Associate in Deloitte Risk Advisory, he is responsible for the Extended Enterprise team. He offers servi... More