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No company is an island. The ecosystem of a modern organization comprises hundreds of third parties with which the company does business, including customers, partners, agents, affiliates, vendors, and service providers. Taken together, these third parties constitute what we have termed “the extended enterprise.”


IBM Authorized SAM Partner

The IBM Authorized SAM Partner (IASP) program has been designed to enable organizations to use IBM software optimally and in compliance with the license terms and conditions. It is based on cooperation among three parties: IBM, the Client and an IBM Partner. The Partner assumes responsibility for monitoring the Client’s IT environment as regards IBM software license management as well as preparing periodic reports to be submitted to IBM. What is more, IBM undertakes not to conduct software license compliance audits in the participating Clients’ IT environment during the term of the program.

The service involves comprehensive support in IBM software management. Implementation of mechanisms for automated data collection and ongoing license use monitoring will reduce software compliance risk to minimum. We also make sure that the sub-capacity licensing conditions are met and where that is not possible, we help Clients work out alternative solutions with IBM. Additionally, we deliver such services as advice on licensing model selection or changes in the configuration and architecture of IBM solutions used with a view to optimizing licensing costs.

What does the IASP program cover?

  • IBM’s obligation not to conduct compliance audits during the term of the Program.
  • Implementation, configuration and resolution of technical issues related to ILMT.
  • Design of a mechanism for automated data collection and PVU report generation for systems which are not ILMT-supported.
  • Optimization of the number of licenses held and used and more informed budget planning before further purchases.
  • Definition of the assumptions of an annual as-is assessment of implemented IBM software as a whole.
  • Advice on optimum licensing model selection and recommendation of changes in the configuration and architecture of IBM solutions used.
IBM Authorized SAM Partner (IASP) - Extended Enterprise


Maciej Kożuszek

Maciej Kożuszek

Manager | Extended Enterprise

Maciej is a Manager in the Extended Enterprise team. He specializes in software license compliance (SLC). For more than five years, he has participated in software licensing audits conducted by Deloit... More