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Software Asset Management

Extended Enterprise Capabilities

No company is an island. The ecosystem of a modern organization comprises hundreds of third parties with which the company does business, including customers, partners, agents, affiliates, vendors, and service providers. Taken together, these third parties constitute what we have termed “the extended enterprise.”

Software Asset Management (SAM)

We have a proven track record of supporting our clients in pro-active software asset management (SAM). We are familiar with the practice of software vendors and know their license terms and conditions very well. We deliver complex software asset management projects, from analysis and assessment of the organization’s SAM process maturity, through implementation and maintenance of dedicated tools, to training in each software vendor’s license terms and conditions. Working in close liaison with Deloitte experts from other service lines and countries, we are capable of executing even the most challenging SAM projects, no matter how complex the license terms and conditions are and regardless of the scale of the environment or geographical dispersion of our clients.

How can we help?

  • Design and implementation of a comprehensive SAM program.
  • Implementation of advanced SAM tools.
  • SAM as a service (SAM function outsourcing).
  • Software vendor rationalization.
  • SAM training.
Software Asset Management (SAM) - Extended Enterprise


Piotr Polak

Piotr Polak

Senior Manager | Extended Enterprise

Piotr is a Senior Manager in the Extended Enterprise team. He specializes in software asset management (SAM) and software licensing audits. For more than 10 years, he has been supporting clients in op... More