Fast connect


FastConnect – an innovative solution for the insurance sector

A new paradigm of interactions between the insurer and the insured

FastConnect is a tool created for sales, marketing, and servicing teams within the insurance industry. This solution makes it possible to collate all information about the current and prospective customers thus increasing the efficiency of cooperation with them. In result, the relationship between the insured and the insurer is strong and enduring.

FastConnect is a standard suite of solutions that can easily be configured to ensure a tailored fit.

FastConnect is a flexible and adaptable product which allows its user to:

  • deliver an offer that is personalized and fully aligned with the needs and priorities of the customer;
  • learn more about the customers' expectations and interact with them accordingly;
  • provide customers with interactive simulations of the solutions offered;
  • provide fast and timely customer service;
  • obtain feedback form customers concerning their satisfaction with the insurer.

FastConnect integrates with phone systems, allowing servicing teams to connect with customers quickly.  Using mobile apps, customers can enter claims directly from their smartphones and contact service agents for assistance.  Customers can also use the secure portal to check the status of claims online.