FastLean helps effectively respond to customers' needs

An innovative solution for manufacturing companies

FastLean is an innovative solution designed for the manufacturing sector. This offering has been created for sales, customer services and marketing teams within the manufacturing industry to help them improve performance and respond more effectively to customers' needs.

The manufacturing industry has always been product driven, but today manufacturers can no longer concentrate on the product alone. They need to become focused on customers, their needs and the overall customer experience. The objective is to ensure customer service at a level that is higher then expected.   Based on many years of our experience in working with manufacturing leaders, Deloitte designed FastLean - a solution aimed to meet this challenge.

FastLean is a suite of applications designed on the basis of best industry practices picked up during many years of Deloitte's cooperation with Salesforce, to support customer service, sales and marketing teams.  FastLean is a flexible and modifiable product that can easily be configured to ensure a fit with the customer's company and help create a competitive advantage.

Deloitte Digital consultants work closely with the customer to identify priorities and the required capabilities, which are then added to the tailored FastLean solution. We can accelerate this process and move more quickly to implementation, using our manufacturing-specific customer know how. 

Watch the video to learn more about the FastLean solution