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A range of diverse possibilities supporting business all over the world is a company specializing in cloud computing, and it is also the name of technology.

What is Salesforce and what business solutions does it offer? offers technologies that help generate leads, manage sales, report and plan, relying on the entire customer history in the process. Incorporated mobile solutions allow all employees of the organization uninterrupted access to information, while standardized programming and reporting systems make it considerably easier to prepare the required management documents.   

The comprehensive nature of its tools has made the leader of the broadly understood market for building customer relations. The Company's strength is confirmed by the fact that is repeatedly positioned as the leader of independent Gartner rankings. 

Each of the ready-to-use components offered by can be tailored to the needs of a specific customer by modifications and additions specifically dedicated to support non-standard and company-specific solutions. Furthermore, more then 3,000 components are available as supplements of standard functionalities - with them organizations can leverage the potential of the information that is already in their hands. 

What is the CRM system and how can it effectively support the company's operations ?

At the very outset of its business activity introduced two proprietary cloud solutions: Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, both used for effective management of customer relations (CRM).

The rationale behind the CRM platform is to manage customer information from the perspective of sales, customer services and marketing. A well-designed CRM system stores all data that is required for running business, and the possibilities it can offer vary depending on the business sector and the division of the organization it supports.  By way of illustration, a CRM system assisting the sales function will provide:

  • A 360˚customer view showing the basic customer data, i.e. information about orders, product preferences, payments, contact history, related customer service centre communications and others,
  • A list of leads that salespersons are working with on an everyday basis,
  • Sales opportunities,  i.e. customers that are already part of the sales process and that are interested to buy products or services,
  • Reports and forecasts showing the effectiveness and potential of the sales department,
  • Product lists and price lists allowing fast generation of the relevant proposal,
  • Tasks or, in other words, all activities of the sales rep, such as the phones to make, meetings, pending e-mails to respond to, etc.

With time, increasingly extended its product range and transformed into a complete platform additionally offering solutions constructed around the electronic CRM infrastructure. Thus, the company's portfolio has begun to follow the "platform as a service” model and left its footprint in the market as a Customer Success Platform.

One of the most innovative companies in the world

Salesforce follows the motto: "Connect with customers in a whole new way”. solutions allow companies to do business and manage customer relationships in line with the current or even not yet crystalized market tendencies.  All applications offered are available in mobile versions (for smartphones and tablets).

In 2016 the company introduced Salesforce Einstein – AI for everyone - a product with artificial intelligence (AI) built into the core of the Salesforce Platform.  Considering all of the above, it is not surprising that Forbes lists Salesforce among the world's most innovative companies.

The traditional software sales model is increasingly replaced by software as a service solutions. applications are offered based on the licence model, they do not require any software installations and are available from the web-browser level.

Business ecosystem built around

Generally, uses its own solutions building around Success Community and Partner Community  - knowledge sharing platforms where customers can ask questions, contribute ideas of new functionalities and vote on them or share their observations.

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