Julia Patorska

Leader of Economic Analysis Team | Sustainability Consulting Central Europe

Senior Manager

Julia Patorska

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Julia has 13 years of professional experience. For several years she worked as a civil servant in the Ministry of Infrastructure, where she dealt with topics of infrastructure financing from extra-budgetary funds. Julia has extensive knowledge on topics related to the financing of public investment, including PPP. As a consultant she completed projects in various sectors to support both public and private entities. In addition, for a number of years she has been developing advisory services in the area of social and economic analysis, including advisory on forecasting structural expenditure at national and EU levels, which dealt with the assessment of the impact of regulations and changes the implemented policies had on the economy and society. She also conducted research on regional development within the context of economic change. In recent years she led projects for interdisciplinary environmental research and data for environmental economics and natural resources projects for, among others, the General Directorate of State Forests. She is an external expert for the Research and Analysis Centre of Employers in Poland and is a Chairwoman of the Council of the Society of Polish Economists.