Deloitte x ServiceNow Alliance


Deloitte x ServiceNow Alliance

27 October 2022, 6:00 PM

Get ready! On 27 October at 18:00, for 90 minutes you may learn interesting things about ServiceNow and have some fun, if you are curious about the world and opportunities (also professional ones) provided by state-of-the-art innovation.

Deloitte x ServiceNow Alliance combines Deloitte experience with processes and in technology transformation of the largest companies and revolutionary ideas, business and technology solutions of ServiceNow used by millions of people worldwide.

Why should you join us?

  1. To be introduced to the platform used by all big technology organizations
  2. To gain technology knowledge and business know-how
  3. To learn about most important and practical functionalities of the platform
  4. To discover new professional opportunities
  5. To learn about potential career paths, among others as part of ServiceNow Lab internship, and get paid for it
  6. To gain a valuable item to put in your CV

Whom is the webinar addressed to?

  • To students and graduates of IT, technical or business and analytical faculties
  • To individuals interested in opportunities offered by ServiceNow
  • To those interested in potential growth paths in ServiceNow and Deloitte
  • To candidates for whom a technology career is a great opportunity to combine analytical skills with creative potential

How to enroll?

  1. Use the following form and send your application by 26 Oct. 2022
  2. Receive a link to the webinar
  3. Welcome on board!


  • ServiceNow & Deloitte partnership Challenges, plans, opportunities and growth scale
  • Most important and practical functionalities of the platform
  • ServiceNow from the inside
  • Case study based on actual examples
  • ServiceNow Bootcamp as related by former participants
  • Q&A session

Registration closed

Meet Deloitte x ServiceNow Alliance experts:

Jakub Gromek
Enterprise Account Executive, ServiceNow

He has been associated with business and sales since 2011. He gained his career and experience in companies specializing in the sale of IT systems for large clients. Currently associated with the telecommunications, media and large state-owned companies at Service Now. Advocate of the process approach with the use of tools and work automation. He implemented projects related to the automation and increasing the efficiency of the organization using ITSM and ESM systems.

Tomasz Suchanek
ServiceNow Senior Manager at Deloitte

Tomasz specializes in ServiceNow technology, ITSM and IRM processes. Working for clients from Europe and North America, he gained 14-year experience in IT. As a project manager and a functional expert, he leads ServiceNow implementation and transformation projects for clients from private and public sectors.


Kevin Van Wallendael
ServiceNow Practice Team Analyst at Deloitte

Kevin started his journey in ServiceNow with our Bootcamp a few months ago, and soon he will implement his first project related to CMDB configurations and relationship building on the platform. Apart from working on and getting familiar with the ServiceNow platform, he creates client proposals relevant to their business requirements.

Katarzyna Kozyra
ServiceNow Practice Team Consultant at Deloitte

6 months ago, Kasia joined ServiceNow Bootcamp, where she has adopted a large amount of knowledge. After two months she passed Certificated System Administrator exam. Now she is a ServiceNow developer in GRC project and deals with clients every day, helping them find the best solutions for their requirements.

Marcin Kowalczyk
ServiceNow Practice Team Analyst at Deloitte

Marcin is an IT student at the Warsaw University of Technology. During this year's summer break, he took part in Deloitte ServiceNow Labs, after which he started working as a Business Analyst. In his spare time Marcin likes to climb, take photos and hang out with friends.

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