Women in Tech Consulting


Women in Tech Consulting

They cross boundaries, overcome challenges, and create impact by accelerating digital transformation in companies globally

Step into the future with the trailblazers of Technology Consulting!

Meet the women who are breaking barriers, driving innovation, and transforming industries. They are not just consultants; they are visionaries, leading the charge in digital transformation. Join us in celebrating their achievements and discover how you can be a part of this dynamic and empowering journey. Embrace the challenge. Ignite change. We need more like them! We need more like YOU!

Magda runs the Workday practice at Deloitte Central Europe. She has extensive expertise in implementing cloud systems for HR departments. She combines her experience of working internationally in HR departments with consulting on major HR transformations supported by digitalization for the largest clients in Europe.


Adriana is part of Technology Strategy & Architecture Team, Program Delivery talent group. She has a vast experience in Project and Program Management for Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering based on Lean Management methodology and tools, as well as Operational Excellence.

Anamarija is a successful and versatile technology leader and IT professional with proficiency in designing and implementing software solutions and optimizing IT architecture of enterprise companies. Throughout her career, Anamarija has developed a wealth of knowledge of business processes and understanding of the impact that use of digital solutions has on the growth of company value. In addition to being an expert in the telecommunications industry, she also has an additional passion for topics related to user and customer experience and hands-on expertise of managing large digital transformation projects.


Desislava is a Manager in CE Cloud Team. She has 8+ years’ expertise in software industry, related to project management, service delivery and management, technical management, digital transformation, and process engineering.


Dóri serves as a Manager within the SAP offering division of ET&P. As a Project Manager, she is responsible for planning, organizning and supervising the project execution. Additionally, she actively participates in the internal planning phases of projects. Once engagement with the client commences, Dóri ensures that projects adhere to predefined scopes, budgets, and timelines. She maintains open lines of communication with both project team members and stakeholders to monitor progress and effectively mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle.


Gabriela is a Manager in Consulting, specializing in Transportation Advisory. Gabriela has been involved in large and significant transportation initiatives. She worked on the implementation of electronic toll systems on roads. Now she is working on infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects. These have always been very complex and strategically important transportation projects having a broad scope, touching on various expert topics and including experience with managing projects throughout their entire lifecycle (from design up to the closing phases).

Gréta is a Senior Consultant in Technology Strategy and Architecture at Deloitte Hungary. She supports project delivery management and guiding clients through the revision, design, and implementation of new systems aligned with their organizational and IT strategy. Gréta's expertise extends to planning and executing data migrations, ensuring smooth transitions for clients. She collaborates closely with clients to develop solutions that enhance their future work efficiency as well as adapt to evolving technological trends.

Paulina is a Senior Consultant in the Technology Strategy and Transformation team in Deloitte Consulting in Warsaw. She has 10 years of experience in managing projects and programs in various areas, like localization, public administration and automotive. She managed complex international projects and coordinated work in multilingual teams of specialists. Paulina was responsible for overseeing the full project cycle. A great team player with strong communication skills.


Rea is a Consultant in Digital Banking Solutions at Deloitte Poland. She is a professional who specializes in ensuring the quality and functionality of software applications specifically designed for the banking industry, such as Temenos T24. Rea’s primary role is to analyze software requirements, design test plans, and execute various testing techniques to identify and report any defects or issues. She works closely with development teams, business analysts, and other cross-functional teams to ensure that the software meets the specified requirements from the Client and industry standards.


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