Podcast: CAPITAL H

#34 Iva Georgijew, Deloitte: Being the first paves the way to others


CAPITAL H is a podcast in which I, John Guziak, talk to experts and C-suite representatives about a new level of leadership in the age of technological transformation as well as about putting humans at the centre.

Today I am interviewing Iva Georgijew, Chair of the Board of Directors of Deloitte CE, a region comprising 19 countries (including Ukraine).

Iva embodies diversity, as she was born to a Polish/Bulgarian family and experienced two different cultures growing up. She always sought to discover her life's purpose and the path she wanted to follow. Her important choices, such as the one to go to a boarding school or to move to Poland to study, reflect her attitude that has made her one of the most successful individuals I have talked to.

She has adopted the principle of IKIGAI, which in Japanese means “a reason for living; a motivating force”, to guide both her personal and professional growth. She believes that having a passion and pursuing it at work to the benefit of both ourselves and the greater good is essential for everyone to feel satisfied and accomplished.

Iva’s career has been a process of continuous change. She started as an expert, followed by becoming a team-leader and growing through the development of others to transform into the next level of becoming board chair and taking higher responsibility.

Leadership involves three components: a service attitude (inspiring, leading, backing the purpose and values of the organization); taking responsibility for sustainable growth; and creating a culture of safety, where people can thrive.

She believes that diversity is crucial for any organisation's success and growth. She sees diversity in two ways: one, it involves self-awareness and personal change, stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new approaches, transforming our mindset. It also involves promoting diversity and inclusion in business, by welcoming different people and views into the organisation and making sure they have a supportive environment to grow their skills and abilities.

She is an ardent advocate of women’s empowerment in business, their active shaping of their own lives and ensuring their potential is not left unused. As she puts it, “Women are half of the world, and mothers of the other half”, so they need a fair representation.

As the first woman to lead the Board of Deloitte in CE, Iva has a clear vision and appreciation of the advantages of being a pioneer and a role model. She believes the responsibility of the first is to make an impact and pave the way for others to follow.

To achieve effective governance and stewardship, a board chair should keep in mind that the board is there to support the organisation's long-term sustainable growth. The board should play a role in building, preserving and evolving of the culture, purpose and values of the organisation. The board members should have the skills and qualifications that fit the fast-changing opportunities and challenges, risk resilience, and growth in uncertain times. To have a credible board, you need board members who are reputable and accomplished.

Expanding our comfort zone, leading by example and empowering others to do the same.

Promoting sustainable organisational growth means creating a better world to live in for ourselves and for our future generations.

Listen to the podcast to learn more interesting concepts of this experienced and successful leader!


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