Climate risks - what lies ahead for European companies in the context of mandatory disclosures?


Webinar: Climate risks - what lies ahead for European companies in the context of mandatory disclosures?

Learn how to prepare your company to mandatory disclosures concerning climate risks

Video from webinar (17.10.2022 r.)

The growing interest of investors and financial institutions in ESG issues is driving the actions of a growing number of regulators, who have started working on relevant legislation. These are intended to address, among other things, the appropriate reflection of climate change issues and related risks affecting a company's operations in mandatory reporting.

EU legislation in the form of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS) will cover around 3,000 companies in Poland in the coming years. In the area of climate, the new rules are largely based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which have been in operation since 2017 and have enjoyed market acceptance.

The first set of reporting requirements to business on climate change adaptation and mitigation has already passed the public consultation stage.

During the webinar, experts will outline the scope of information needed to fulfil the reporting requirements on climate risks and opportunities. In addition, they will outline a broad strategic view in the context of forecasts for a changing business environment in the future, when climate issues will become a priority and disclosures in this area will begin to be comparable.

A broad view of already emerging reporting trends relevant to the future will be provided by Catherine Saire - Deloitte's representative to the TCFD:

  1. Reporting standards - what climate context information to collect and disclose in the coming months and years?
  2. The benefits to business of diagnosing climate risks and opportunities early - how will the new reporting framework strengthen business on the horizon in the short and long term?
  3. What leaders are doing - important practices to look out for in estimating climate risks and opportunities. Where to look for inspiration for action?
  4. Where to start - how Deloitte can help you.

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Video from webinar (17.10.2022)

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