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ESG as a value driver – company & ratings perspective

Changing Climate in Business #7

Nagranie spotkania (17 marca 2021 r.)

Numerous analyses show that companies that implement the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy and invest in responsible business, get along better in times of economic slowdown. Those companies that have clearly defined social, environmental and corporate governance goals in their strategy, attract workers, consumers and investors. So it is not the "ESG fashion" that prompts companies to look at the sustainable factors, but specific, measurable benefits.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • What are ESG factors and what is their significance in the "Climate and Covid" era.
  • ESG Factors across industries and why ESG means something different to every industry.
  • What are the best practices in terms of ESG activities and disclosures on the Polish market.
  • Management use of ESG results.

Our guests will be experts from S&P Global Ratings - Jaclyn Bouchard and Łukasz Olszewski -who will show examples of what investors and rating agencies pay attention to, how the ratings differ and what value they have for the company.


Nagranie spotkania (17 marca 2021 r.)

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