Navigating the End of Jobs


Navigating the End of Jobs 

Deloitte 2023 Global Human Capital Trends 

Recording from the webinar (22 March 2023)

“If the past century of work was based on the view that work was fixed and repeatable, the next century will be based on the view that work is fluid and agile.”

Traditionally, the job was the defining element for organizing aspect of work – but this no longer makes sense in today’s boundaryless world. Instead, organizations must adopt a skills-based approach to managing their workforces.

  • As Deloitte’s 2023 Global Human Capital Trends data shows, only 19% of business executives and 23% of workers say work is best structured through jobs.
  • Instead, a skills-based approach to managing work and workers delivers increased business agility, worker autonomy and enables work beyond traditional job boundaries.

Key factors behind the shift towards a skilled-based approach:

  • Performance pressure: A skills-based approach boosts productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness by better aligning workers with work that fits their skills and capabilities.
  • Need for agility: 81% of executives say work is increasingly performed across functional boundaries. A skills-based approach allows workers to be deployed across those boundaries based on their skills, rather than titles.
  • Talent shortages: Organizations with a skills-based approach are 107% more likely to place talent effectively and 98% more likely to retain high performers and have a reputation as a great place to grow and develop.
  • Increased focus on equitable outcomes: In the skills-based organization survey, 75% of executives say hiring, promoting, and deploying people based on skills (vs. tenure, job history, or network) can help democratize and improve access to opportunities.

However, some organizations aren’t ready. Nearly all (93%) of respondents said moving away from a focus on jobs is important to their organization’s success, yet only 20% believe their organization is fully prepared to tackle the challenge.



What can they do to prepare?

We are happy to invite you to join a series of on-line discussions based on findings from the latest Deloitte 2023 Global Human Capital Trends report. Deloitte’s Human Capital experts, together with invited guests, CHROs and CEOs, will discuss the most disruptive factors creating human capital trends for 2023 and upcoming years. Panels will be held in English.

During our first discussion panel we will discuss:

  • Which industries and professions are most affected by the shift away from jobs?
  • How are skill-based organizations navigating the end of jobs?
  • How to define work based on skills?
  • How to create the right workplace model?
  • What should leaders do to create an adaptable organization, enable an agile workforce, activate new behaviors, and make transformation stick?
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