Webinar: The fusion of working worlds. The future of office and home


Webinar: The fusion of working worlds. The future of office and home

How to effectively handle the challenges in the new work reality?

Tue, 30/05/2023 · 12:00 Warsaw (GMT +2:00)

New collaboration models and the new role of hybrid teams create challenges along with opportunities. Please join us for a webinar organized by Deloitte & Nowy Styl.

In this online event, we will cover strategies and techniques for optimizing productivity and collaboration in a hybrid work environment, including:

  • Key aspects and experiences related to remote work.
  • What are the needs and expectations of employees?
  • Organizational climate and culture as one of the factors shaping employee attitudes.
  • Interaction management as the foundation of a hybrid organizational culture.
  • New models of cooperation of hybrid teams.
  • Features, competencies and tools of a hybrid team manager.

Physical and virtual space for team collaboration:

  • The challenges of a collaborative space.
  • Nowy Styl – a physical space for cooperation.
  • Deloitte – a virtual space for collaboration.
  • What functions will the office perform in the new reality? - Findings.
  • Key characteristics of office space in the new reality.
  • Virtual space for cooperation and hindered communication - Research results.
  • What does a virtual collaboration space look like?


Tue, 30/05/2023 · 12:00 Warsaw (GMT +2:00)


Aleksandra Szeląg
Workplace Consultant at Workplace Research & Consulting Department, Nowy Styl

Aleksandra is a psychologist, a social rehabilitation specialist, and a sociotherapist. She helps her clients adjust office space to support the users, motivate them and make the performance of their everyday tasks much easier. In her work, she focuses on the employees’ needs and expectations. She shares her Workplace knowledge and experience at numerous conferences and in publications. She is one of the authors of the report titled “Reunion. A new office reality”, designed to present proposed office arrangements that meet the demands of the post-pandemic reality.

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