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Dominika Alicka

Partner Associate Gi3 Team Leader for Poland and Central Europe

Dominika Alicka

al. Jana Pawła II 22




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Dominika has several years of experience in obtaining and accounting for support from non-commercial sources. She is engaged in consulting at every stage of the process related to the use of available public incentives: identification of activities and costs eligible for support, creation of comprehensive analyses of the availability of public aid for Polish and foreign entities, including in the form of grants and tax credits.

Dominika supports Polish and international entities in the preparation of strategies for the use of non-commercial sources of support, in the process of selecting the location of activities and in the implementation phase of investment and development plans, taking into account public aid regulations. She participates in the process of creating research agendas and developing long-term strategies for financing research and development activities, and coordinates management processes.

Dominika Alicka