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Łukasz Rubanowicz


Łukasz Rubanowicz

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Seasoned Project and Portfolio Manager, last 4 years he has been acting as Agile trainer and Large Scale Lean-Agile Transformation (SAFe) consultant. Specialist in DevOps practices implementation in large organizations. During his career he carried out assignments in variety of industries including financial, airline and hospitality sectors. Łukasz is active advocate of "modern leadership" (Management 3.0, Lean-Agile Leadership), he helped in development of dozens open-minded and value oriented leaders. Co-creator of Polish community for professionals and companies interested in Scaled Agile. He created original Business Facilitation training and is lecturer on postgraduate studies. He graduated from Technical University of Gdansk (Informatics) and finished MBA course therein. Privately happy husband and father of 2 daughters (Natasza and Nela). In his spare time practices CrossFit and windsurfing (also supporting Natasza, pro-athlete in SKŻ Sopot who dreams about Olympics in LA 2028 💪)

Łukasz Rubanowicz