Brand Purpose Strategy


Brand Purpose Strategy: redefining brand’s role in the market

At Deloitte, we created the Brand Purpose Strategy - a tool that redefines the role of the brand and the company in the market - integrating brand strategy, with ESG and business strategy.

Global challenges the world is currently struggling with require action not only on the part of politicians or large companies, but also on the part of brands whose operations have been the object of heavy criticism. On top of market pressure exerted by competitors, organizations also need to handle consumers’ expectations regarding all the aspects of their activities. Consumers expect brands to be involved in crucial social and environmental issues and to assume greater responsibility for the implications of their business operations.

In our efforts to support companies, we have developed a tool that will allow companies to make a real difference while impacting business performance, building competitive advantage and creating long-term value.

What is Brand Purpose?

The concept of Brand Purpose stems from the market need to redefine the role of brands in today's world. At Deloitte, we believe that every brand should have a deeper reason for being. We define Brand Purpose Strategy as the value that a company creates in the world around it.

A properly defined Brand Purpose should be true, ambitious, inspiring to the business and people - employees and customers, and above all, it should fit the brand itself. For us, Brand Purpose Strategy is a new model for building socially or environmentally engaged brands.

Strategia Brand Purpose: redefinicja roli marki na rynku

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Why is it important to have Brand Purpose?

The world is changing at a faster pace, exerting even greater pressure on business activities. Disruptive climate changes, pollution, social inequalities, and unrest cause growing anxiety and concerns among consumers. In search of a genuine change and greater impact on the surrounding world consumers tend to change their customs, shopping habits and are more likely to follow the values fostered by brands. New shopping habits mean new brand-related expectations.

A growing number of customers expect brands to be involved in social issues, take on the responsibility for their impact on the environment (both natural as well as social) and adopt a sustainable approach. At the same time, new market players tend to set an ambitious, non-business goal that is meant to be one of the key driving force for their businesses.

Such activities yield substantial profits. Based on our findings, faster growth can be observed in brands whose strategic planning and everyday business operations are accompanied by genuine vision and investment in activities from the Brand Purpose Strategy area. They generate new growth sources based on sustainable economy, increase their margins, find it easier to attract and retain employees, are managed more efficiently, draw investors, and reduce the cost of capital.

The way we develop Brand Purpose Strategy

The key to create an authentic Brand Purpose Strategy is a heart-to-heart talk about goals and expectations. Decisions makers need to understand all the positive and negative impact areas of their business and next define why the society should care about them being successful. Each time the story will be different as every brand comes up with their unique vision, paving their own way for sustainability. Each organization has a different story, different business model, different strengths and weaknesses. Our methodology supports companies in working out their proprietary Brand Purpose Strategy.

Brand Purpose Strategy combines the needs of all the stakeholders

When outlining a brand’s vision, three vital perspectives need to be considered: what the world needs, what consumers are searching for, the way a given company is operating and the type of the business pursued. Putting these three areas together allows to develop an original Purpose Strategy and most of all maintain a key element of sustainable and authentic operations - consistency. Consistency of the purpose and operations enables companies to avoid greenwashing and streamlines the implementation of solutions.

Our Brand Purpose Strategy solutions support organizations at every stage of the value chain.


Anna Niewiadomy

Anna Niewiadomy

Manager, Brand & Marketing Portfolio Leader

Manager z 10-letnim doświadczeniem w obszarze tworzenia strategii pozycjonowania marki, komunikacji digitalowej, rozwoju nowych konceptów produktowych, procesów rebrandingu oraz badań konsumenta, kult... Więcej

dr Marta Karwacka

dr Marta Karwacka

Starsza menadżerka | Sustainability Consulting CE

Marta jest socjolożką i ekonomistką, ekspertem w zakresie gospodarki obiegu zamkniętego, zrównoważonej konsumpcji i odpowiedzialnej mody. Od lat śledzi trendy na rynku i promuje wrażliwość społeczną i... Więcej

Tadeusz Fułek

Tadeusz Fułek

Senior Consultant | Customer&Marketing | Digital Customer

Strateg marketingowy z ponad 10-cio letnim doświadczeniem zdobytym w agencjach reklamowych i consultingu pracując dla polskich i międzynarodowych marek. Łączy kreatywność rozwiązań z biznesowym podejś... Więcej

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