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Deloitte’s TEE and TUPL create joint AI based automation offer for telecommunications engineering

Bellevue, October 14th 2019 - Deloitte Portugal, through the EMEA Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE), and TUPL, a company specialized in AI powered automation of network operations, announced a cooperation agreement for the creation of a differentiated offer in the telecommunications sector, which combines automation business processes and artificial intelligence.

The agreement matches the strength and market position in Engineering, Cognitive Technologies and Business Automation of Deloitte’s TEE, and the TuplOS solution of TUPL, an Artificial Intelligence solution for Telecom Networks Engineering and Operations. The cooperation agreement establishes a distinctive joint offering aiming to Automate use cases of Telecom Engineering, Operations and Technical Customer Care for communications services providers.

Deloitte Portugal and TUPL will change the way their clients perform Network Planning, Optimization, Operation and Technical Customer Care across all telecom technologies, tailor-fitting the operators’ business processes which are affected by the implemented automation use cases. The mentioned solutions target to impact engineering efficiency, operating costs and customer experience by digitizing engineering know-how and repetitive tasks with AI, using techniques such as supervised, unsupervised and reinforced machine learning, made available by network operations purpose-built TUPL Machine Learning Toolkit, a component of TuplOS.

This agreement not only covers selected TUPL software solutions and Deloitte’s TEE complimentary Engineering Consulting and Strategy & Operations services for a large set of countries but also foresees a deeper cooperation in other areas like analytics and expansion to new markets, including the setup of a team inside Deloitte’s TEE dedicated to Artificial Intelligence for telecoms.

Pedro Tavares, Partner of Deloitte Portugal and responsible for the EMEA Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence (TEE): “TEE focus is on delivering high value telecoms engineering consultancy services towards our customers, and under the ongoing digitalization wave and in the advent of 5G, setting up an automation offer based on AI is a key stepping stone towards this strategy. We expect to support our clients in improving their network performance, their customers’ technical support and network service perception and ultimately transform their engineering and operations technical processes, boosting their efficiency.”

Petri Hautakangas CEO of Tupl: “We are excited to extend our already well-established collaboration with Deloitte to this official agreement. The reach, the competence, and the customer intimacy of Deloitte’s TEE is an excellent fit for the innovative SW technology of Tupl.”

In addition to TUPL’s software solutions and Deloitte’s TEE consulting services in engineering and strategy & operations in a wide range of countries, it is foreseen a further cooperation in the analytics area and the expansion to new markets with the creation of a Deloitte’s TEE team dedicated to artificial intelligence for the telecommunications area. 

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