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29th Edition

The Investor Relations & Governance Awards (IRG Awards) is an initiative by Deloitte to reward best practices in the Portuguese financial market.

Distinguishing the top performers and highlighting (1) the policies and attitudes of transparency, (2) the quality of information produced and (3) the investor relations are all part of IRGA.

CEOs and CFOs from companies listed on Euronext Lisbon, teams of Investor Relations Officers and the largest and most prestigious institutions all recognize the IRG Awards as being a prestigious and reputable award for best practices in Investor Relations developed last year.


The mission of the jury is to ensure that all procedures with accurate and transparent and to decide on the winners. There are some prizes awarded by direct decision of the jury and some awarded based on nominations made by the electoral college. For more information on the role of the jury and the awards’ model please check Nomination Guide.

Electoral College

The universal electoral college consists of representatives from companies operating in the financial market, with special focus on listed companies, investment funds and brokers. 

The members who represent the electoral college play an active role or are indirectly related to investor relations. The choice of the electoral college meets the guidelines set by the jury as to the number of representatives and entities that compose it, ensuring the representativeness of the sector; the balance between the entities represented and considering the size and nature of the activities of the entities represented. 

In categories with greater technical specificity there’s a qualified electoral college which, depending on the categories being targeted on nomination, segments the content according.

The nomination phase for the Investor Relations & Governance Awards takes place about a month before the awards’ ceremony, and the members of the electoral college receive a personalized invitation to make nominations and access respective data.

The different members of the electoral college will be asked to nominate in different categories, depending on their specific area of ​​expertise.

Any matter with regard to the electoral college and the nomination process should be addressed to the attention of the President of the jury through the following e-mail:

Nomination Guide

As a guide for nominations, the promoters of the event and the jury have prepared a set of guiding criteria for the categories in the nomination process.

 Therefore, in the evaluation of IRGA´s Personality Award, the following criteria are privileged:

  • Knowledge of the company and sector
  • Communication skills and strategic vision
  • Availability to contact the market
  • Contribution to the overall performance of the company in the market
  • Capability of working with the market and its agents
  • Performance in policies and company funding
  • Access to and relationship with management
  • Reputation
  • Accuracy
  • Consistency of research and price targets, where applicable
  • Independence
  • Experience
  • Solid / technical knowledge

Selection of the Winners

The clearance of winners is based on voting categories of three groups with different assessment models:

1.      Consultation the market, procedure approval and deliberation by jury;

2.      Jury deliberation, supported by prior treatment and technical assessment information;

3.      Direct jury deliberation.

The process of selecting the winners can be found in the table below with a greater degree of detail for each nomination category. For further information contact us thought the following email:

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