2013 Christmas Survey Portugal

Price point remains the key variable in the buying process

Christmas 2013 - new times, new traditions

Price continues to play a leading role for the majority of Portuguese (70 percent), appearing as one of the main challenges for retailers. This is the opinion of those surveyed in 16th Edition of the Deloitte Christmas Study, which analyzes the intentions and strategies of consumer shopping in 17 European countries and in South Africa.

When asked about the most important attributes when choosing a retailer, Portuguese respondents also emphasize the quality of its stores in terms of shopping convenience (46 percent) and the selection of products available (43 percent).

According to data from the Deloitte Christmas Study, the importance given by the Portuguese to the ability of retailers to provide information on deals and offers is much more pronounced (31 percent) than the overall average of the countries surveyed (18 percent).

Although there is still a long way in developing ecommerce in Portugal, respondents highlight the benefits of this purchasing channel, such as: the possibility to consult the opinion of other consumers (64 percent); the possibility to compare prices (57 percent); home delivery (56 percent); the price point (49 percent); and the ability to easily buy products (45 percent).

Physical stores remain the preferred purchasing channel for Portuguese consumers. Key benefits which stand out are the possibility of exchanging or returning the goods (91 percent); after-sales services (89 percent); the competent and professional advice (88 percent); payment security (87 percent); and the purchasing pleasure (84 percent).

Globally, according to data from Deloitte`s 2013 Christmas Study, the Portuguese are slightly less pessimistic about the economic outlook this year; although it still is not enough to reverse the downward trend in the spending budget for the Christmas period. The Portuguese have the expectation of spending 393 euros (per household), with most destined to buy gifts (around € 195), followed by spending on food (€ 144) and socialization (55 €).

This edition of the 2013 Christmas Study covers 17 European countries and South Africa, a total of 17,355 consumers were surveyed, between the second and third week of September, about their intentions and plans for spending on gifts, food and leisure.

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