European CFO Survey with Portugal insights Spring 2018

High expectations. Still.  

Welcome to the 6th edition of CFO Survey Portugal. This biannual study collects the results of surveys run to the largest companies’ CFOs in Portugal, comprising a panel of more than 1500 CFOs from 20 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, UK, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. In this edition for the Q1 2018, we list the economic, financial and strategy expectations of the CFOs operating in Portugal, in comparison with previous periods and their European peers.

Key Findings

  • CFOs operating in Portugal consider the country's economic prospects positive, with 90% of respondents predicting an improvement in the Portuguese economy next year
  • In addition, CFOs continue to show confidence in the positive financial results of their companies, with 53% of CFOs surveyed showing optimism when asked about financial prospects
  • However, the impact on business of a new Eurozone crisis was pointed out as being high or very high by 70% of the respondents
  • Despite high expectations, CFOs continue to prefer not to implement expansive strategies, with working capital efficiency being highlighted as the key strategy for next year (81%).
  • About half of CFOs do not see the digital transformation as a challenge. 43% of respondents believe their teams are prepared, with only one fifth of respondents rating preparation as poor.

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