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Global insurers today face a challenge regarding operations complexity versus agility and time-to-market. Globalization and rapid expansion have created complex operations and application architectures needed to support a growing and demanding business. This is eroding margins and preventing companies from responding to clients’ needs on time.

Organizations are facing increasing and diversified pressures from clients, competitors, regulators and others, whilst delivering the results that shareholders are demanding. This situation is coupled with an increasing pressure on revenues, derived mainly from international economic and financial uncertainty – there is a ‘new normal’ with subsequent implications for all the economic agents’ behaviors.

Efficiency has become a ‘must’. Organizations are looking to become more agile, simpler in the way they manage the business, more focused on the value-added activities, leaner in the processes they execute, and therefore highly focused on what makes a difference in the marketplace.

Deloitte has developed Fit to meet these exact challenges. Fit provides a systemic solution based on a pre-configured and pre-integrated application architecture, and is flexible, reliable, and easy to implement. A uniquely integrated solution, Fit enables progressive efficiency in a flexible way, by turning a traditional transformation challenge into an achievable, risk-controlled, high-value outcome.

Fit is a different way to manage complexity and get faster business results.



Fit is a different way to manage complexity and get faster business results.

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