Smart City Solutions Center

A Center bringing together a variety of skills covering Smart Cities and Future of Mobility

Deloitte's Smart City Solutions Center uses technological solutions developed in-house and the specific expertise of its consultants in creating value in the area of Smart Cities and the Future of Mobility. The solutions focus on public and private clients, supporting cities to become more resilient, digital and sustainable.

We have over 65 professionals specialized in developing products to increase operations’ efficiency and methodologies to design and advise the future of cities, supported by Analytics & Cognitive specialists.

Our proven track record combines capabilities on City Operations, Data & Interoperability, Strategy & Advisory, Urban Development and Human Centered Design.

Key technological solutions

Smart City Solutions Center delivers advisory services to global clients and leverages its main product, CitySynergy – Deloitte’s Smart Places Operating System -, to develop tech urban solutions.


Deloitte’s Smart Places Operating System, CitySynergy is a SaaS solution that supports city operations by combining the capacity to define work processes with the abilities of integrating, correlating and visualizing data. CitySynergy empowers city & places’ management by promoting decisions based on predictive analytics and a powerful digital twin.

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COVID War Room

Integrated crisis management solution to face the pandemic. It manages COVID-19 test scheduling & results, monitors suspicious cases & resources availability for an effective response to the challenging situation.

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Smart Occupancy Tracking

A product focused on backing cities in safely restoring its economies, especially those leveraging on tourism activities. Monitoring occupancy in real-time, it offers an integrated view of city assets and occupancy levels, provides historical & Predictive data analysis, Red flags detection and incident management, while notifies general public and authorities of occupancy levels.

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Mobility Operating System

A seamless integrated mobility operating system for a city or town, to manage mobility services in an integrated way. It applies also to Micro Shared Mobility and Urban Logistics, and helps communities getting faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner intermodal transportation than today.


eScooter management

A Shared Mobility Management platform to regulate the usage of shared mobility assets, in order to minimize its impact on public spaces, while also improving their usage in combination with other sustainable mobility modes.

Smart City Solutions Center actively collaborates with alliances and technological partners such as AWS, COMPTA, Broadcom, NOS, ServiceNow, and acts in close articulation with Portugal based Telecom Engineering Deloitte CoE. 

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