The Art of Simplification


The Art of Simplification

An Integrated Management Model for the Ministry of National Defense

Analyse and unify the Financial, Logistics and Human Resources processes

When, in 2003 the Ministry of Defense decided to make the analysis of the internal Financial, Logistical and Human Resources processes, they were far from imagining the success that it was to become.

This governing department, which prepares and executes defense policy of the country, includes the Secretariat, Organs and Central Services, the General Staff of the Armed Forces, the Navy, the Army, Air Force, Arsenal Alfeite, Hydrographic Institute and the Institute for Social Action of the Armed Forces.

These were the nine entities that Deloitte would assist in the analysis of the different existing and consequent standardisation processes in a single and integrated management model.


Lay of the land


Create multidisciplinary teams

The high number of existing processes led to the creation of six teams. All of which have one thing in common: they are true melting-pots.

Each constituted elements of the different entities involved, together with details of the different areas in Deloitte: specialists in processes and specialists in applications. Within each of these areas there were employees with very different backgrounds, from finance to engineering, helping the economy overcome its difficulties.

And despite the challenge to create these specific teams, the result was a gathering of 100% between the Integrated Management Model created and the potential to implement the existing application.

They reduced management accounts from 132 to 15, there are currently 5000 cataloged users and the Ministry envisages savings of between 1.1 and 2 million euros.

The second hand

Only full integration with the Customer allows the best results

People with very specific features are necessary in order for us to achieve the successful results required in this project. More than integration capacity, what is also required is fusion capacity including the culture of the organisations involved. However, this could be difficult as they are very dissimilar.

Only was it thanks to a thorough knowledge in Public Administration, that it has been made possible for the creation of this unique model that allowed the Ministry of National Defense to create synergies and to save time, resources and money. The project also led to the strengthening of relations between the various agencies involved.

Cultural chameleons: The ability to adapt in different cultures
-Portuguese proverb

Better management of the administrative work

Today, the University of Lisbon has harmonised its processes across all its areas of performance. They were considered as the specifics of each of its constituent, for everyone to revise the final result and it was a possible vision for the University as a whole, both administrative and academic units were considered as equity.

Deloitte has implemented systems that allow it to gain a greater degree of control and systematising the operational and financial reporting, saving time and reducing resources. In the end, not only were the employees of the University of Lisbon wanting to achieve highly, the various units of the University now have more time to devote to their true mission: teaching and caring for their students.


More time for what is mostly important


The Deloitte Difference

Deloitte is the ability to deliver with commitment and dedication.

Create multidisciplinary teams capable of analysing such different processes together, unifying them and make them compatible in all fields, in such a short space of time it was possible, thanks to the tenacity and sense of excellence that characterises the Deloitte difference. 


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