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Real Estate Capital Talks

A London View on Banking Non Core Asset Market

A conference focused on the non-core asset market was held on July 28, 2016 at Deloitte Hub.

Real Estate Capital Talks was an initiative developed jointly between Deloitte Portugal and Deloitte UK, with the main objective of assessing the interest of international investors in the Portuguese market. The event took place in three moments. The first session was dedicated to analyzing the non-core asset market from a macroeconomic perspective. In the second session the topic of maximizing the value of assets in sales processes was discussed. At the last session, with the roundtable format, the keynote speakers were invited to present their perspective on this market and the expectation gap between buyers and sellers.

Guest speakers:

  • Session 1: Luís Campos e Cunha (Former Minister of Finance) and David Edmonds (Deloitte UK)
  • Session 2: Joaquim Paulo (Deloitte PT) and Benjamin Collet (Deloitte UK)
  • Session 3: Alessandro Pappalardo (Intrum Justitia), Carlos Robalo Freire (Banco Popular), Natalia Joubrina (CarVal) and Benjamin Collet (Deloitte UK)


Access the support presentation for the various sessions of the conference.

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