Next-generation Survey 2018

Exploring business ecosystems

Digital technology and greater connectivity are enabling new ways of creating value in all areas of business, in the form of networks, collaboration and interdependence. In this context, family businesses face a growing challenge: how to position themselves in an innovative rapidly changing business landscape, while still preserving their identity as a business and their cohesion as a family.

Next-generation survey 2018 is a global study, polled 575 current and future family business leaders, in 52 countries, to investigate their attitudes and actions with respect to the business ecosystems in which they participate.

At a global level, the key findings are:

  • 56% see opportunities to leverage their business ecosystems to grow their business
  • 50% believe that their business ecosystem offers an opportunity to enhance their company’s innovation capabilities
  • Most are used to work in partnerships for innovation and 49% will work with any organization that has a good idea
  • 61% of family businesses that have a defined digital strategy (even though is recent)
  • Digital awareness among next-generation family business leaders is high, but other family members may not be as cognizant of the opportunities that digital technologies can bring

In Portugal, the main conclusions are:

  • 62% of respondents consider their business ecosystems as an opportunity to grow their business. At the same time, 81% consider their business ecosystem as a good opportunity for innovation
  • 69% do not believe their family will lose control over their business within their evolving ecosystems
  • 54% of family businesses in Portugal have a defined digital strategy
  • Only 30% of active family members in family businesses are aware of the potential of digital transformation


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