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Enterprise Risk Services

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Deloitte’s Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) consistently earn top ratings from independent analysts. Deloitte’s ERS practitioners advise organizations on strategies to effectively mitigate risk and to make informed and intelligent risk decisions to maximize opportunities. This includes helping clients prevent and manage risk-related issues regarding financial and non-financial business processes, technology, and operations. Where appropriate, the ERS services provided by Deloitte may include advisory services regarding the design and implementation of revised control frameworks including technology solutions.

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Governance, Regulatory & Risk (GR&R)


GR&R practices provide consultative services to executives and boards. GR&R services are designed to help create and protect value and enhance effective management of strategic, regulatory, financial, operational, and compliance risks on a sustained basis. The practice combines the talent, knowledge, and service delivery of numerous subject matter specialists with years of industry experience. Deloitte works with organizations to develop sustainable governance, compliance, and risk management programs by helping them identify, remediate, monitor, exploit, and manage enterprise risks.

Controls Transformation & Assurance (CTA)


CTA practices include traditional core ERS market offerings as well as newer offerings in emerging areas. The common thread among CTA service areas is an annuity component. CTA offerings focus primarily on providing clients assurance-type services focused on financial, system, and operational internal controls. CTA also provides clients with support in their control transformation journeys. CTA services are supported by advanced  methodologies that leverage a vast suite of tools and analytic capabilities.

Security, Privacy & Resiliency (SP&R)


SP&R practices help Deloitte’s clients develop and implement enterprise strategies and programs for managing information and technology risks. Deloitte SP&R practitioners connect demonstrated standards-based methodologies and frameworks with extensive industry knowledge and experience to create practical, sustainable management strategies and technical and operational architectures. Across these strategy, management, and technology integration solutions, SP&R practitioners help Deloitte’s clients find the appropriate balance between risk management and cost containment.