Rapid, Successive and at Scale

The characteristics of your future technology capabilities

Digital’s impact is pushing organizations beyond the traditional IT model. Deloitte research identified nine big shifts that will shape the future Business of Technology. 

The aim is to future proof the entire organization and master the capabilities that deliver business-relevant digital technologies rapidly, successively and at scale:

  • Rapidly: moving from idea to operational offering in short timeframes, benefiting from the window of opportunity.
  • Successively: creating innovations repeatedly (as opposed to a one-off success), applying a ‘scale or fail’ data-driven mindset where innovations that do not deliver on their promise are killed rapidly.
  • At scale: a process and a capability of extending a successful pilot or prototype from a small testing group to a large customer base, contributing to top-line enterprise revenue (instead of multiple proof of concepts that stay hidden in small pockets within the organization).

Deloitte's OutSystems Center of Excellence together with Outsystems developed the article Rapid, Successive and at Scale to understand how these nine shifts affects technology business operational models in the post-covid-19 period.
In this article, we present nine changes illustrating with specific cases of organizations with whom we have been working.

This topic will be addressed in a cycle of webinars promoted jointly by Deloitte and OutSystems:

Defining the Technology Operating Model of the Future on November
19 November

Watch the recording and find out:

  • How did EDP achieve the necessary maturity to drive at the speed and agility required by the market by building a Digital Factory where OutSystems has a very important role in enabling measurable business outcomes.
  • How did NOS realize that experimentation and risk-taking are necessary to evolve and that a cultural shift and deep business stakeholders' involvement is key to success.

Watch the recording here.

Funding and Executing the Technology Operating Model of the Future
15 December, 10:00 a.m. GMT - London

Watch the recording and find out:

  • How Sogrape turns 40.000 tons of grapes into some of the best wines and ports of the world, while monitoring the entire process on an app on your tablet or phone in real-time.
  • How Fidelidade uses OutSystems to fund and manage a total of 110 digital initiatives simultaniously in order to figure out what new services clients actually want to pay for.

Watch the recording here.

Speakers of the cycle of webinars

  • Hans Van Grieken
    Senior Technology Researcher
  • Diogo Rafael Henriques
    Outsystems CoE Practice and Alliance Lead, Deloitte
  • Mike Hughes
    Senior Director, Product Marketing, OutSystems

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