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Deloitte’s Tax professionals provide both compliance and advisory services across a broad range of matters affecting businesses. This approach ensures clients’ most demanding challenges when operating in multiple jurisdictions are holistically addressed in a coordinated way, by subject matter and industry specialists, locally and abroad. Deloitte deploys the right team at the right time to address the needs of its clients, wherever they operate.

Business Tax


Domestic and global tax planning to help businesses meet tax and statutory responsibilities. Deloitte’s services include • Compliance & reporting services • Financial accounting for income taxes • Tax controversy  •  Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) • International strategic tax review  • Business model optimization (BMO) • International M&A • International expansion services

Transfer Pricing (TP)


The volume and variety of intercompany transactions and TP regulations, along with increased enforcement, have made TP a top risk management issue. Deloitte’s services include • TP advisory and documentation • Advance pricing agreements  •  Examination defense and mutual agreement  • Business model optimization

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)


Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures are complex by nature. Cross-border transactions multiply tax, accounting, legal, and regulatory issues. Deloitte’s services include • Deal structuring and due diligence • Sell-side services • Post transaction services • Restructuring and bankruptcy

Indirect Tax


Effective management of VAT, GST, Sales & Use Tax and Customs duties significantly impacts costs and cash flows. Deloitte’s services include • VAT, GST and sales and use tax consulting, compliance and outsourcing •  Customs and global trade consulting, compliance and controversy services

Global Employer Services

Companies today are more global in scope and employment issues have become more complex. Deloitte’s services include • International assignment services • Compensation & benefits • International human resources • Risk.Talent.Rewards •  Technology

Tax Management Consulting


Deloitte helps businesses meet the challenges of managing multijurisdictional tax operations. Deloitte’s services include • Tax department strategy, risk management and operating model  •  Tax technology  •  Global compliance outsourcing 

R&D and Government Incentives


To encourage investment, countries offer a wide variety of grants, credits, and incentives. Administration is often complicated but the cash benefit is immediate. Deloitte’s services include • R&D claims preparation • Incentives application support • Controversy management

Private Company Services


Private companies face a range of challenges that affect both the business enterprise and personal goals of their owners. Deloitte’s services include • Income tax advisory and compliance • Owner and family wealth planning  • International tax and estate consulting  • Family offices

Business Process Solutions

Businesses are rethinking their operating models and looking for flexible solutions to manage a mix of in-house and external resources . Deloitte has the experience, capabilities and technology to coordinate and deliver a broad-based ,cross-border solution. Deloitte’s alternative resourcing services include • Accounting / Financial • Tax compliance  • Payroll outsourcing • Tax advisory