5G and beyond: The next generation of connectivity

The pillar of digital transformation

The fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) is seen by many as a revolutionary technology. How to get the most out of it?

Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (TEE) approach to support both Telco and non-Telco customers leverage 5G technology on their digital transformation journey, exploring disruptive network solutions and adoption, new services offerings and use cases modelling.

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5G is expected to bring significant economic and social benefits in the coming years, proving to be an area of great interest to invest in. Promising extreme bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high reliability, 5G is being rapidly embraced by the telecom sector and multiple enterprises across different industries.

Built on top of a new network architecture, that will unlock a new range of applications, supported by a multitude of new enabling technologies like AI, IoT, cloud and edge computing, 5G represents a disruptive leap forward in the future of communications.

It is also a fact that such a disruptive technology also brings challenges, not just in terms of network transformation but also on how it will affect business efficiency or productivity.

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Network assessment & readiness
Review the capability of the Network infrastructure in meeting the technical and business requirements that embracing 5G will require: spectrum, virtualisation, transport, edge computing, AI and automation, and many others.

5G Disruptive Solutions Adoption
Evaluate 5G network transformation, introducing new disruptive RAN solutions like Open RAN, edge computing or explore hyperscalers collaboration.
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Networks will be highly automated
Explore AI as part of network automation solutions for 5G to improve NW management and orchestration and enable Network Slicing.
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Security challenges and opportunities for mobile networks
5G will enable a variety of new lifechanging use cases with challenging Security requirements that new 5G Networks need to respond to.
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Private network solutions
Private 5G Networks are increasingly gaining momentum. Deploying 5G solutions requires deep understanding of the specific industry needs. Deloitte translates those challenges into technical solutions that lead to meaningful business outcomes.
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As a key digitalization enabler, the telco universe is being challenged in multiple aspects.

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