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Network Automation, 5G and beyond, Network Protection and Network Virtualization

As a key digitalization enabler, the telco universe is being challenged in multiple aspects. Challenges around technology, security, cost, revenue, operating model and new ecosystems are challenging telco network owners and operators worldwide. In this context, our team captured the need to focus in four main areas: Network Automation, 5G and beyond, Network Protection and Network Virtualization.

Network Automation: the new era of telecom

Automating engineering and network operation processes

Telecommunication Network Operators, also referred to as Communication Service Providers are facing a new challenge: How to tackle the triangle of improved user experience, reduced costs and operational flexibility while becoming a Digital Services Provider in 5G?

We are in the dawn of a new era regarding telecommunications networks’ reality. This reality extends to multiple domains: network services provisioning, network services architecture, and network engineering and operations and service assurance, while being driven by disparate requirements ranging from service flexibility and increased service quality, to the need to lower Operational Expenditure (OPEX) and Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).

In this new era, automation is not an option but mandatory. Defining the automation building blocks, learning from the early adopters and having a solid approach is paramount.

Download the brochure that introduces the Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (TEE) proposed methodology to address the challenges that arise from this new Telecom Era.

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Network Automation brochure

5G and beyond: The next generation of connectivity

The pillar of digital transformation

The fifth generation of mobile networks (5G) is seen by many as a revolutionary technology. How to get the most out of it?

5G is expected to bring significant economic and social benefits in the coming years, proving to be an area of great interest to invest in. Promising extreme bandwidth, ultra-low latency and high reliability, 5G is being rapidly embraced by the telecom sector and multiple enterprises across different industries.

Built on top of a new network architecture, that will unlock a new range of applications, supported by a multitude of new enabling technologies like AI, IoT, cloud and edge computing, 5G represents a disruptive leap forward in the future of communications.

It is also a fact that such a disruptive technology also brings challenges, not just in terms of network transformation but also on how it will affect business efficiency or productivity.

Download the brochure that introduces Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (TEE) approach to support both Telco and non-Telco customers to address these challenges and capitalize on 5G new capabilities on their digitalization journey.

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Network Protection: Security in a hyper connected world

The right steps to secure your network

Why is network protection critical for your business?

Security threats are increasing and making more damage than ever. This trend will continue, and, in a hyper connected world, with a complex network environment, companies are exposed to multiple and sophisticated threats. The risk is normally increased with the appetite for highly sensitive data passing through the networks. A network attack can significantly affect a company’s business and reputation by:

  • Exposing confidential information
  • Compromising information integrity
  • Impacting business operation and its critical systems 
  • Leading to regulatory fines
  • Causing a drop in share price


How can we help?

In order to face this reality, companies must design and operate their network considering security as a priority.

Download the brochure that introduces the Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (TEE) approach to secure your network in a solid and sustainable manner. This approach consists of four steps: assessment; strategy definition; implementation and sustainability.

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Network Protection brochure

Network Virtualization: Building the network of the future

Enterprise Networking

How can virtualization be the answer to the ever-increasing requirements for enterprise communications networks?

The proliferation of digital services on the enterprise domains is leading to a significant increase of network traffic. Despite being the backbone of the business enablement, traditional enterprise networks (from the Local Area Network to the Wide Area Network and Data Center) lack the ability to cope with the demand for flexibility, scalability and even cost efficiency. Upcoming technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN) provide businesses with the tools to scale and efficiently manage their networks.

Download the brochure to see how we are helping customers build the network of the future.

Enterprise Networking brochure

Telco Cloud: The journey to a cloud native operator

How can Communication Service Providers (CSPs) overcome the challenges of increased traffic demand and network resiliency requirements while leveraging the capabilities generated by innovative technology trends?

Even though NFV has brought many benefits, our customers tell us that, to maximize the benefits of next-generation networks, NFV is not enough and cloud native is needed. Therefore, future networks are expected to rely on a virtualized infrastructure that runs cloud native services, and be orchestrated by an end-to-end service orchestrator to enable high levels of automation. Defining a detailed transformation strategy aligned with business requirements is a critical success factor.

Download the brochure that introduces Deloitte’s Telecom Engineering Centre of Excellence EMEA (TEE) approach to support CSPs engaging in the journey to cloud native.

This approach consists in three areas of expertise for an effective deployment: NFV Infrastructure, onboarding of containerized/virtual network functions (CNFs/VNFs) and end-to-end service orchestration.

Telco Cloud brochure
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