CoE Outsystems Solutions for COVID-19

We are helping the community to overcome COVID-19

In the current context of the extreme importance of resource management, Deloitte has developed solutions to help in the fight against COVID-19.

Emergency Asset Management

In the context of COVID-19, the Municipalities of the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon felt the need to implement, in a fast and agile manner and with few resources at their disposal, concrete measures to combat the pandemic.

In just 2 weeks, Deloitte developed a new solution to address some of the challenges related to resource and information management, with the collaboration of the Lisbon City Hall, OutSystems and Hi Interactive.

The new Support Platform between Municipalities allows municipalities in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon to share, quickly and effectively, products, equipment and services, optimizing the resources of each municipality and improving collaboration between them during the current emergency situation.

Using the OutSystems low-code platform, a marketplace was created where each municipality will be able to configure its catalog of products, equipment and services, manage inventory, search for items available in the various municipalities, launch requisitions and identify needs not foreseen in the marketplace. In addition, the platform also allows municipalities to share measures and initiatives implemented so that other municipalities can assess their local replication, in an effort to reuse the best ideas and practices.

“With the development of this platform for managing essential resources in the fight against COVID-19, Deloitte is once again realizing the purpose inherent in everything it does: creating a relevant impact on the community. This is another project that Deloitte develops with Outsystems, a relationship that has existed since 2007 and that has already created projects with an impact on five different continents.”

César Marto, Partner and leader of the Outystems Centre of Excellence of Deloitte Portugal.

Donation App 1 = 2

The Donation App 1 = 2 is a digital platform, available on the web and mobile channels, integrated with the various initiatives of the Cascais City Council to combat the pandemic.

This project aims to raise donations for the purchase of health and personal protection material, as well as food and hygiene products. This material will be distributed to institutions and families in need.

All donations made on the platform will have equal reimbursement by the Cascais City Council, that is, for each € 1 of donations made by citizens, the Chamber also makes a donation of equal value, which means a total of € 2 of material and/or goods donated to those most in need.

The goal is to ensure that everyone has access to personal protective material, food and hygiene products, in order to guarantee safety conditions that minimize the risk of being contaminated by COVID-19 and support families in need.

Access the donation platform 1 = 2 here.


Wellbeing & Business Resilience App

Dara COVID-19 app provides real time data about employees’ availability, skill set & wellbeing to actively manage business continuity & resilience in current business environment. Employee availability combined with data captured on their physical and mental wellbeing allows team / business leaders to provide immediate support to struggling employees while addressing any delivery challenges to help teams manage their workload

Some of the highlights of the application:

  • Available for both IOS and Android devices 
  • Can be linked to active directory enabling the employees to use their enterprise accounts.
  • Employees are able to set up a profile outlining their skill set, location and typical availability through the day (e.g. around managing child care or supporting a family member who needs to isolate) helping their business manage resourcing and virtually supporting staff
  • Staff can provide a daily update on their physical and mental wellbeing and any changes to availability with a few simple clicks 
  • The app also connects to government pages for top tips. It has the functionality to provide regular push notifications for daily check in, health recommendations and other appropriate reminders.

Our first live version was built and deployed in 48 hours and is live for Deloitte employees. Features can be quickly configured or updated to meet a variety of requirements and rolled out in other contexts.


Employer Referral Portal for Covid19 tests

The portal allows employers to submit daily lists of essential workers requiring Covid-19 tests. If test kits are available and there is capacity at test centres, the portal will send SMS messages to essential workers inviting them to book an appointment online.


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