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The power of digital transformation through APIs

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Digital transformation is still highly dependent on the organizations’ capacity to break down silos and overcome limitations of their legacy IT.
Fast, agile and sustainable, drive innovation with APIs.

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The integrated digital experience

If we assume that all companies are technological, it becomes obvious that integration is key to develop real added value for the organization, breaking down data silos and building up connected experiences.

Through our alliance with MuleSoft, we help you create new business models using APIs, developing an integrated digital experience and increase innovation.

As a recurrently awarded Global Partner of the Year and with several other relevant awards, Deloitte positions as the preferred partner to deliver MuleSoft solutions, combining its implementation skills with undisputed business knowledge in the integration landscape.

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Implement an effective API Strategy, closely aligned with the Digital Strategy of your organization, improving the level of success of API programs


Align your business goals

We understand the current business capabilities, identify the business objectives and intended market positioning, and define the vision and principles that will guide the API program


Understand the Ecosystem

Who will benefit from your APIs? Who are your customers, partners and developers? What capabilities should we have to support them?


Define API value proposition

Envision the experiences to offer to the ecosystem, identify potential API products and quantify benefits that will arise from having data and services exposed as APIs.


Define the API business model

Understand how to generate revenue from APIs - directly or indirectly - and ensure API metrics are defined at different levels: revenue based, operational metrics and developer based.

The entire organization should embrace APIs as a new vital product to enable digital transformation at speed and unlock its full potential to achieve a composable enterprise

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Services and solutions

Our services are customized to our clients’ needs and delivered with innovative methodologies, as well as many tools and artifacts that can help accelerate implementation and reduce cost and risk.


We help organizations foster APIs full potential to deliver connected experiences to end customers and unlock data silos:

Strategic Thinking

We leverage on our business knowledge to help organizations define their API strategic vision, in close alignment with their business goals and type of positioning they want to play.

Make the most of Anypoint Platform

We know how to leverage the full power of MuleSoft Anypoint platform to help our clients build a future proof integration platform.

Faster project deliver

Deloitte consultants participated in more than 30 MuleSoft projects worldwide.  This experience enables us to bring the best solution and accelerators to address client challenges and reduce delivery risk.

Digital transformation is already a reality, know some of our case studies


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API Imperative: From IT concern to business mandate

APIs are finally perceived as a powerful tool to enable businesses and open new opportunities. They can be used to extend the organization’s reach and address new markets to obtain competitive advantage.
APIs will become the new products and will foster innovation. The transition from independent systems to API platforms is already under way.

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Moving your organization to an API First approach

APIs are an enabler of Digital transformation inside the organizations. A successful API journey needs to be supported by a vision that is aligned with global digital strategy and by processes and resources that foster a proper adoption of the new APIs paradigm. The evolution of integration requirements poses challenges to the legacy integration paradigms. New approaches need to be established to accomplish a next gen integration platform.

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Four Key Trends in the API and Integration Market

As a leading systems integrator for top-tier clients, we are in a unique position to observe trends that are shaping the APIs and integration market today and influencing its future. In this blog, we present the top trends valued by clients as they move toward realizing their API and integration strategy and evolve their enterprise API and integration platform capabilities to scale to the demands of the future.

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2021 Connectivity Benchmark Report

MuleSoft, in collaboration with Deloitte Digital, surveyed 800 global IT leaders on the state of connectivity and digital transformation. The study revealed that IT teams are under more pressure than ever and are struggling to deliver on all the projects asked of them. However, organizations using APIs to develop new projects or integrations saw a significant increase in productivity, innovation, and agility, and a decrease in operating costs.

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When we make an impact that matters, we are recognized by our delivery excellence and our strong investment in our team


+140 MuleSoft certifications
+50 MuleSoft Architect certifications
+60 dedicated professionals to MuleSoft projects

Experience Industries

Transportations and Automotive
Banking and Insurance
Retail and Consumer


We won MuleSoft Global Partner of the Year Award for the 6th time in the last seven years.

Additionally, we have been awarded MuleSoft Most Relevant Partner in Portugal in 2020 and Salesforce Local Partner of the Year in 2021.

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